10 Psychological Hacks For Personal And Business Rapport

Having an advantage over competitors byknowing what others are thinking is vital in getting ahead in your personal and business life

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1. Mirroring body language will build rapport with another person and give you an advantage over others.

2. Allow others to show their expertise to you because everyone loves to talk about themselves.

3. Tell people one personal thing about you so that they notice you’ve a human side because that’s what people relate to.

4. Take time to learn what hobbies and interests the other person has so that you can relate to them from their point of view.

5. Put your hand on a person’s hand for a moment when they make an emotional point and agree with them.

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6. Show measured enthusiasm for all that the other person represents and does.

7. Walk tall and be confident because it’s better than driving a big car!

8. Confirm what the other person says by giving them a brief story of how the same thing happened to you too.

9. Be clear with what you need and don’t sugar coat it because everyone knows people want things from them.

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10. Keep you promises you’ve made to the other person and follow up on it as soon as you can after you’ve first met.

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