10 Reasons To Know You`ll Achieve Your Big Dreams

Previous generations only knew so much but the wealth of instant knowledge that the average person has access to now means for the majority there is no excuse to achieve all they dream about in their lifetime

Life is Easy.

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You may think that those three words are simple for someone like me to say but I can assure you it’s the same for us all.

Okay, right now you may be struggling.

I get that.

But with that in mind, you have to put what struggling is into perspective.

Because as the old saying goes whatever you’re going through as you read this will pass.

As nothing stays the same. After all, that’s life.

Relationships break up, people pass away, money comes and goes, and you’ll be sick some of the time. These are the facts of life that won’t change no matter what generation you`ve been brought up in.

But being alive today it is much easier to exist in than in the previous times on planet earth.

And when you properly accept that you’ll develop a well of gratefulness and an awareness of what’s around you to fuel your life to move you forward in all that you do.

To prove it here are ten things we have at present that makes your life easier and will help you achieve all you desire:

1. Technology

In my lifetime alone I have bought music on a record, then a cassette tape, and later on a compact disc. Within the next few years purchasing an iPod then became all the rage.

And this is how technology has moved things on for the world of music alone.

Each time I updated my knowledge and bought new music in a new way I was happy to know that technology was making things more efficient, effective, and productive to my listening lifestyle.

And so long as you choose your technology wisely and spend the correct amount of time on it, it will serve you better than previous generations.

2. The Internet

Some years ago I was teaching children a topic on their school curriculum. For them to complete the learning they were required to do an individual project over a couple of weeks. They gasped at how long this would take because they were used to finishing their homework within an hour or two.

But then I explained to them that when I was in school there was no internet.

When they became aware that back then you’d have to go to a library to complete your school projects they listened intently. That was when the public library was full of second-hand books which were mostly out on loan and you had to wait to borrow them to begin to study the information within. With the absence of a photocopier and hours of study ahead of you the process of getting specific information was much more difficult than doing a quick surf on the internet.

Thankfully after my story, my students learned a newfound appreciation for the internet that made their school life a whole lot easier for them.

3. The Environment is suffering but science is clear that we must help to heal it.

And although this will take behavioral change by all human beings across the planet once we adopt that change things will immediately begin to improve for us.

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Because the evidence is clear now that change is a must. And once we make it this learning will present us with a greater appreciation for the natural world and the economic and health benefits that it brings to us all.

4. Our medicine has vastly improved in comparison to previous decades of human existence.

In doing so this allows us to become better faster and to heal from a range of illnesses and ailments that our forefathers died from.

Things like heart issues can now be aided by ever-advancing technologies involving products such as pacemakers and catheters that give people a second chance at life. And the ever-growing advancements in medical technology, vaccines, and medications have allowed for cancers to be cured and people learning how to walk again.

5. Although there is a growing world population it also means there are more people out there to help you.

For whatever problem you experience there are now a lot more chances that whatever you are going through there is someone out there going through the same thing at the same time as you.

And if you don’t believe me check out all the ‘How To’ videos that now exist online!

So all you have to do is watch their story or better still, communicate with them. In doing so, you can then overcome your problems which were impossible to figure out in this simple way in years gone by.

6. Even though it has been challenging to be a female in this world of ours finally, women are getting opportunities that they never got before.

So this means approximately half of the world’s population can now rear its head up and push forward with what they feel they should be doing and as a result of this many more men will welcome them along their way.

7. Thanks to the work of the Black Lives Movement and other organizations the stupidity of racism has come into the collective consciousness of the world.

And with that, a growing acceptance of all people of color is becoming the norm as more official educational bodies pay attention to the need to address these issues of ignorance. In time, this will allow equality of opportunity to exist across more cultures and societies.

8. A pandemic has come and shone a light on many governments’ inept choices but this also opens the door for more intelligence to come to the fore.

Because the way the world worked before Covid-19 must be improved for all of us to live together in harmony. That gives opportunities for new people to come with solutions and improve the democratic process so we can all exist in peace.

9. Work can now be done from home as effectively as being in the office.

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As a result, this allows people more free time in their given day as long as they are self-disciplined enough to use it plan it out properly.

10. World travel and space travel is now possible for all.

Yet previous generations could not conceive how this could be so. Now the world is not only your Oyster but other planets are too.

So perhaps now you`ll take action and chase those dreams quicker than ever before and know that whatever you`re going through is only there to be a test for the future adventures that lie ahead.

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