10 Ways The Media Controls Your Thoughts

Dr. Conor Hogan Ph.D.
5 min readDec 23, 2021

We live in a media-rich world so it’s important to be able to step away from all of the noise and focus on what it is you truly want from your life and then focus yourself to achieve that result

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‘Paper never refuses ink’ was an old saying that meant the media will print what it likes.

And although this is not true of all the media outlets around there are some that will contort the truth to sculpt their warped narrative. By believing everything you read, hear, watch, and listen to your overload your senses with too much-varied information and this has a huge impact on your thinking.

And if you want to maximize your goals you`ll need to take control of your thinking and let the media take care of others’ minds instead.

Here are 10 ways the media can control your thoughts and why it’s important not to let it all into your thinking if you want to achieve your goals:

1. The media is designed to shock you.

They do this to get your attention. And that’s not a bad thing. Because after all, you want something new in your life every day as it gives your something to look forward to. But if you`re determined to steer your thoughts in the direction you want then having too many shocks every day can be disruptive.

2. Many media outlets choose sensationalism in their headlines.

Reporting in this way will create a word-of-mouth conversation between people as everyone wants to be the one who has the new knowledge to tell others. For lots of people it brings a momentary feeling of prestige to be the news reporter but in reality, if they are telling people sensational headlines that one media outlet chooses over other more credible ones then that person will be less trustworthy of their word over time.

3. The news is for today but your thoughts are best served to reach your long-term goals by being consistent.

As the media must report the daily news they can only respond to what happens in the world on any given day. And due to the random nature of things that affect millions of people in various countries and continents around the world daily, the media can pick and choose from such a variety of wild happenings all around the globe. But if you are to listen to the inconsistency of what happens from day to day and let it shape your subconscious thinking you can dissuade yourself from the thoughts that help guide you to where you truly want to go in life.

4. Media is based on selling to mass amounts of people and so they have to shape their stories for the majority of people.

But if you have a big vision in your life then instead you need to create your story to follow. Because otherwise the story that some media outlets will tell you becomes your subconscious reality and this shapes how you think about what are your limitations, fears, and drives in life.

5. The media can disrupt your plans.

Because if you aren’t laser-focused on what you want to achieve things can creep into your mind before you have time to question it or not. And by the time you know if they are real or if they are going to benefit you or not they are controlling your overall thought process.

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6. Journalists compete against one another for your attention.

Where energy flows attention goes. So you have to be very careful about where you put your energy because you only have so much of it during any given period in life. This is why our brains can’t multitask in the way many people think they can as they are unable to siphon various thoughts into the proper action at the same time.

7. Your feelings are created by your thoughts not those of others.

Yet too many people allow outside influences to dictate exactly what they think. And some of the media are powerful machine that has your attention every time you plug in your television, turn on your phone, or log into your computer. So you need to be sure of what feeling you want to create before you let your mind wander online.

8. The media are not scientists and do not always rely on facts.

And facts are what dictate the laws by which we are governed to live by. So it’s important to have your way of assessing the happenings that occur in our world daily. This is best done by watching credible media outlets that have science-backed and evidence-based processes behind their research.

9. Over time the media want to create drama whereas your life is the best drama-free.

As that will enable you to focus better and for longer too. because drama can be energy-sapping and although it can give you great entertainment it’s not there to help you move from one point to another in an advantageous manner.

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10. The media uses story but it is best to write your own.

Because when you leave this earth that’s all people will have to remember you by. So by looking at the time you have been given and the thoughts that you can create you`re giving yourself the best chance to achieve what it is that you’re on earth to do for yourself and for others.



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