4 Major Ways to Overcome Your Struggling Life Balance

Your work, relationships, health, and money mean a lot to you so once you discover the balance to them all you`ll find what you need

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Life is balance.

So the real question is what is life?

But I’m not going to get into that for now. Yet it does bear thinking about because otherwise what’s the point of it all?

Instead though right now I’d much prefer to concentrate on major ways you can overcome your struggle with life balance.

Because if you`re struggling in this way then your focus is not right in the first place.

Let me explain.

To do so I`ll have to double back on what I mentioned at the outset about how life is balance. And it is. If you don’t believe me let’s examine the facts of life.

You are born and you die. There’s youth and old age. And there are weeds and flowers.

Night follows day. Winter does the opposite of summer. And gravity goes up and down.

There’s east and west, right and wrong, and black and white. When someone dies somewhere someone is born.

So you see, balance is everywhere.

The problem is too many people stay too far on one side and for too long a time. And when you`re on one side for so long your thinking becomes contorted by that perceived objective viewpoint.

So what you focus on the most happens the most.

Take your work, relationships, health, and money as examples.

1. If your work is poor you`re identifying with the wrong work.

Or while working you`re being thrown off by different aspects of it that are dragging you down. And if you dissect that it’s either the activity you’re doing, the context of where you are on the professional ladder, or the people you’re working with.

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Sure it may also be about the money, but I`ll get to that a little later.

If you identify as some particular profession and you know deep down that your desires in life have changed then you must change your professional identity. Yet too many dwell in the same jobs and try to funnel their desires into it when it’s not welcome there. Instead, you need to pivot in life and do something different as that may very well be where your greatness lies.

But if for some reason you`re happy with the identity you have in work but the daily activities of it are boring you or are no longer providing you with a challenge then you need to look at that as well.

And if you’re intent on staying a certain amount of time in one job over another and to use it as a stepping stone then that’s fine, but, you need to be sure the professional ladder you`re climbing has the reward you desire at the top.

If the people that you work with are dragging you down then you need to start accepting that you are the most important person in your professional development.

And it’s the same for your personal relationships too.

2. Because our relationships mean a lot to us and connect us to the reality that we have created for ourselves throughout our time on earth.

They are the living threads to our past behavior even if it was good or bad. And the only thing that saves our present growth is the truth we’ve fostered with the people that have been around us the most throughout our life.

And without that trust our relationships are hollow.

So if there are relationships in your life that are proving to be less fruitful at some stage or another you need to ask yourself

Why are you attracted to the wrong people?

Because at some time or another you made the choice to be with them. So you need to accept that as being the reality.

3. If you have health then you have power.

Thankfully most of us are born with a clean bill of it. That means we can grow independently. And if we grow in such a way that skews our development then we have somehow created that ourselves.

Of course, there are diseases and medical conditions that happen to people along the way. And many will say it’s not their fault. And for sure that can be true.

But many lifestyle diseases are created by our daily living habits. And as we’ve created them then we need to accept that at some stage in our lives we have chosen to live incorrectly towards our long-term needs.

Be it with our thoughts or with our actions it has come on our watch.

But as many who watch out get tired and somewhere sometimes will take a rest or turn a blind eye to things, in the long term we cannot afford to do that for our health.

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4. Money is a thing we get for energy.

And if we’re not getting enough of it then we’re spending our energy in the wrong direction. So we need to pull it back and re-direct it. Because when we do we’ll find the money we are owed.

Because if you don’t you`ll deplete your energy sources and others will take it from you. From there you have a choice of building up a negative viewpoint or relationship with those people or you can reclaim what is rightfully yours and push it into areas where you`ll be rewarded properly.

So I guess the real question I should have started with should have been

What is your life?

But for now, I`ll leave that up to you to answer.

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