40 Years Growing For Covid-19’s Wisdom

When a pandemic hit the freedom should have ended but oddly it didn’t

Dr. Conor Hogan Ph.D.
5 min readFeb 10, 2021


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At forty years of age, I`d lived a life of complete freedom until Covid-19 hit the western world in early 2020.

That’s when the first lockdown of my life arrived.

I realized just how fortunate I`d been for decades before that. I`d been a social butterfly and enjoyed meeting with people. But lockdown put a firm end to all of that.

Still, all was not lost because I also realized that lockdown was a time to spend looking inward rather than looking outward at other people.

Within a couple of days, I realized that my attitude was working and even though we were restricted in our traveling distances I observed crowded places from a far-off distance. Keeping safely away from others I noticed that the mood was down in people. It was clear that many were finding the social disconnection challenging and the overall atmosphere was not the same as before the pandemic had struck.

When I kept observing this in my city every few days I realized that what I was doing while alone was keeping my mood up.

I was concentrating on my inward aims where I was self-improving when many others were feeling the difficulties of trying to pass the time of being in a lockdown.

Here are the 9 things I’ve concentrated on since the first lockdown in 2020. They have kept me feeling well and prospered my life since.

1. I acknowledged that being in a lockdown is a very challenging time and it’s very important to make sure that you’re in a good place mentally.

Many people found it very difficult to accept that the whole Covid-19 pandemic existed and this stayed with them for months. In doing so, they were losing time in their life and in denial of what was happening.

In accepting this was the ‘new normal’ you turn the corner and begin to look after your mental health and soon see opportunities that exist also.

2. I got fitter than I’ve ever been.

Lockdowns can cause serious mental frustration. And lots of people get bored or lazy throughout them. But you can also use the time to get your body back into shape.

By doing this you’ll feel much better and realize that you`re investing in yourself too.

3. And I made sure to avoid an injury or illness so I didn’t have to go to a hospital.

Although many people took fitness to the limits during the first lockdown it’s always important to make sure of your limitations too. Lockdowns take time and similarly, you need to take time in how you exercise.

And hospitals turned out to be places that had many cases of Covid-19, so easing into exercise is best.

4. I made my home as pleasant as possible.

During the first lockdown, my friend who was a carpenter told me he was busier than he had been in years. As many people were spending most of their time at home they had noticed the improvements that they wanted to make in their homes and he got lots of work as a result of this.

If you can’t afford a carpenter or tradesperson you can learn new DIY skills and improve your living quarters for now and the future.

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5. I learned to cook healthier food.

Lockdowns can last an indefinite amount of time. And life is like that because we never know how long we`ll live. But, being positive, I aim to live as long as I can and so that’s why I decided to learn more about healthier foods as it may take time to do this- but that’s something I had lots of!

6. I enjoyed spending time alone.

Before Covid-19 life was very busy. It was full of hustle and bustle and mobile phones, computers, and people had deadlines. When time went out the window and it was just about survival I decided to take time out and spend it completely alone.

And it gave me greater clarity too!

7. I rang my friends at least twice a week because it’s important to keep that connection and to help them through their lockdown too.

Otherwise, they`re hardly your friend, are they?

And you`ll need them and they`ll need you as you both exit lockdown and begin to socialize again in the real world.

8. I made sure to have a bedtime routine and to stick to it.

Not long after the lockdown began I heard many people state that they had been going to bed much later than usual. And that meant they were sleeping much later during the day and wasting the day.

But if all you do is make sure to have the self-discipline to go to bed on time you`ll achieve a lot more in a lockdown than you ever thought you`d achieve all through a year of your personal life!

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9. I tried to help my parents and older people in my neighborhood.

As I felt from the moment the pandemic struck, it was cruel to older people.

After all, it wasn’t their fault that they were a certain age and that Covid-19 was targeting them more so over than other age groups. So, I tried to do my best to help them out if only to visit them from outside and just have a regular chat.

And you know what, I learned more from them then than at any time in my life.

And that’s why for the next forty years I`m hoping their wisdom will help me find more freedom in myself too.

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