Not everyone can be a professional athlete but they can get many of the benefits they get from playing the sport instead

eople play sports for many reasons.

Some play it professionally, but most play it recreationally.

Here are 7 benefits from playing sport:

1. People play sports to keep physically fit.

And keeping fit is required because it’s one of the main things we need to do daily to keep healthy. Because by keeping fit we are moving our body and demanding oxygen to be drawn into our lungs. This means that hour heart is beating faster and training itself to be stronger over time.

For example, when people suffer heart attacks their hearts beat faster, and if the heart is not used to this faster beating from exercise then the outcome of the heart attack can be more damaging or even fatal.

Whereas if a person has exercised regularly their whole system is used to the increase in heartbeat and they generally have a better chance of recovering from a potential heart attack.

2. Sports give many people a place to mentally unwind and distress for other things in life.

Because many people in the world are very stressed.

And by getting out there and exercising through sport you can funnel your mental tension into your physical actions of playing sport. By doing so you’re changing the mental distress and the chemicals in your brain.

Because endorphins are released through playing sport.

And endorphins are a natural chemical reaction that you can experience and promote a similar reduction of pain that drugs and opioids produce.

3. Playing sports is a competitive outlet for people because not everyone feels competitively fulfilled in other areas of their life.

Many people work in a caring capacity and being competitive is not beneficial to their work.

Medical doctors, nurses, teachers, and social workers are professions that work with others to help them improve and this often ignores a competitive mentality. Even though many of these types of people are extremely caring and believe in what they do, they have competitive instincts that they need to channel somewhere in life.

To become a medical doctor you have to compete and become the best in your field. But being with patients who need gentle care often requires a very different mindset.

So by playing sport it gives doctors and other professionals who work in a caring capacity a way to exercise that competitive spirit.

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4. Socializing through being involved and playing sport is a big thing for a lot of people.

Because many people don’t have other social outlets in life.

And being social is so important because as humans we are meant to connect. Getting out and playing sport often demands working with a set of coaches or teammates and working together to compete to overcome the opposition.

This creates bonds with people, develops neural connections, and gives a greater feeling of overall wellbeing.

5. People who work at home or in offices for a long time on end feel a sense of cabin fever and play sports simply to get out of the house.

Being in the same room or indoors for a prolonged period can be detrimental to many aspects of life. And everyone needs a reward for their work at the end of a long day’s work. Sport gives this reward.

But even traveling to the sport’s training, game or occasion is a welcome distraction from the 9–5 grind.

Having a change of location and playing sport instead of working demands that you are mindful of what you’re doing and this means that it’s impossible to be thinking about the issues problems that could exist with work.

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6. Obesity and being overweight is a problem in the modern world and lots of people use sports participation as a way of trying to lose weight.

And it works.

Because when you’re playing a sport you’re not concentrating on yourself or how you look as much as you would if you were alone in a gym. This is especially so if you’re playing a team sport. When doing so you’re concentrated on giving your best for others on the team.

Even though you may have joined that sport to lose weight by working for others on the team you’re keeping your mind off how your body looks and instead re-focusing your energies on how important working for your teammates is.

And in the meantime, you’re losing weight!

7. Some people hate the gym but prefer to play sports because they can play with a ball while getting exercise.

For them, gym work or even going for a run is too boring. They prefer to have the addition of having a ball or a set of rules in place so they can keep mentally stimulated long enough to commit to exercising over a longer period.

And if the sport is outside they get the bonus of being able to get some fresh air as well. And although many gyms have a huge range of exercise equipment for people to choose from, being outside trumps that for millions of people.

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