8 Benefits of Playing Sport

Being involved in sport gives many physical benefits but its also great for your brain and mind too

Playing sport is great for your fitness.

And in turn, your fitness is great for your health.

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Because since the early 2000s there has been an epidemic of poor health and obesity happening in the western world and sport helps with changing that lifestyle. Because if you’re overweight you’ll struggle in most sports.

Most sports demand that you work out your cardiovascular system.

And that means your heart is beating faster and in turn generally getting stronger. Your body is demanding that more fresh oxygen is feeding your brain and body and so you’re renewing your cells with fresh energy. This allows for better healing and a healthier body.

Having a healthier body makes people feel more confident about their body.

Playing sports is all about socialization and this is one of the main things that makes us feel better about ourselves.

Because connecting with other people eases stress in life and allows us to understand how other people feel about their lives. By even connecting with others by giving a simple social greeting of saying “hello” every time you meet them at sports practice you’re acknowledging their presence and giving them respect.

And for you to receive this from a few people is proven to lifts the human spirit and make us feel better.

Of course, by playing with others there’s usually more than a brief greeting that happens at practice sessions. Deeper conversations come about by discussing the best way to compete in sport and from there bonds are created between people.

Planning is a hugely important element for a successful life.

Because very few things happen by chance.

It’s the same thing when playing sport. You can’t expect to win unless you plan how to do it. Because you`ll always have opposition in sport and for them to try to beat you they’ll have to figure out the way you play sport to find your weaknesses.

All of this takes planning.

And constantly planning things is great for your brain. It allows your frontal cortex to become stronger which allows you not only to be a good planner in sport but in other areas of your life too.

You must focus if you are playing sport because if you don’t you’ll lose.

And although you may not want to play sport to win all of the time there is no fun in losing. By going to a game or sporting contest regularly and thinking you’re going to lose is no fun. Because that’s when you begin to hate sport.

That’s when you start looking around at the people that are involved in your team and blaming them for losing.

By focusing on the sport you’re training yourself to have more overall concentration in life. Being able to get into that area of thinking means that you’ll be able to perform at the highest level that you are capable of. It means that you’ll be able to use your skills to their maximum.

And this helps you get into a flow of movement that will make you very difficult to play against.

Playing sport is a distraction from everyday life.

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And let’s face it everyday life can be tough. There may be bills that you cannot pay or people that are annoying you throughout your relationships but sport allows you to take a break from all of these issues.

Because playing sport gives you a bubble of time that allows you to exercise your learned habits to compete against another person for greater control.

Teamwork is demanded by many sports and this means you’re learning to work with others successfully.

Because away from sport no matter what you work at you’ll need to be part of a team. Even if you’re an entrepreneur if you’re to be a success you’ll eventually need to employ someone if only to do smaller everyday tasks for you. And although that’s a small team, it still demands teamwork to be a success.

By performing a sporting skill you’re doing things at speed.

And our brains love speed.

Because most people don’t use their brains to their capability.

And with modern lifestyles, more people are sitting behind technology for prolonged hours every day. In doing so we’re not exercising our brain’s ability to do things at speed while moving. And like many things involved with movement:

‘If you don’t use it, you lose it!’

Because many people who work in office jobs become physically lazy as a result.

So it’s hugely important to get up and get out there to compete in sport as it helps others areas of your life too.

Playing an individual or a team sport demands that you must react to pressure.

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Because all sports bring a need for commitment as your opposition will provide pressurized situations against you and you need to positively react to that time of pressure. Otherwise, you will be beaten.

And losing is a funny experience that can leak into areas of life too.

So be a winner and play a sport and life will show you success.

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