9 Lessons That Life Teaches You

Although at different times in life we need different lessons there are some lessons that’ll allow you to guide your whole life by too

Life is full of lessons and you`ve to be your best teacher to learn from them.

I know I`ve learned a lot in life yet if I stop learning now I`ll be behind in a few years’ time. But there are certain things that life has taught me that I know will serve me for the rest of my time on earth.

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So here are 9 of them:

1. Eating well is eating for life.

There’s one thing for sure that your body will react to how you eat over the years.

And it will change if you eat well habitually.

Because eating well comes from putting in good habits over time. By keeping to those habits over a longer period you can change how your body`s health and shape is.

2. Taking medication is a habit that can cause overreliance and even addiction.

Don’t get me wrong if you are ill and can’t be cured too easily then mediation can be a great thing. But if you start taking medication for every little thing then you`ll build up a reliance on it to help you and a lower pain tolerance throughout your life.

And taking too many pills can cause addiction.

That will mean you`ll lean on taking too many of them and you`ll be unable to stop too easily. Your performance in life will drop and others around you will notice you`ve lost your sharpness.

And people will judge you because you relied on medication and know you`re not fully in control of your thoughts or decision-making either.

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3. If you get up late every morning then before you know it the evening comes and your day is passed.

And all of those late mornings add up to weeks, and months. And another year of your life will have come on gone in no time. Of course, if you`re working at night, understandably, you won’t be able to get up early every morning.

But over the long term, you’re not designed as a human being to work all night and sleep through the mornings as it will mess up your circadian rhythm.

4. If you treat people well in life it’s going to be an advantage in some way later down the line.

Because life has a funny way of bringing those people back into your circle. Like a boomerang being thrown out if you let it go with good energy, it`ll come back to you in the same way or in a better way.

It’s the same for people.

5. ‘Life is what you make it’ is an old saying and it’s very true.

Because although you`ll get help along the way you`ll need to push your life in the direction you’d like to see it in if you want to succeed. And that takes time and energy. So, you`ll need to be certain of what you want and work overtime to achieve it.

And there’s no guarantee you`ll attain the success you desire very easily so it’s possible you`ll have to stay focused on it for a lot longer if you want to go big!

6. First impressions do last because people have great memories and they label you straight away according to what they`ve first experienced about you or even what they`ve been told about you.

And although that sounds very harsh it’s true.

So you need to put your best foot forward all of the time. The moment you meet someone you must impress them if you think they`re a person that you like or will be useful to your life. And so many people think they`re doing this but in reality, they’re not.

Because it’s not only about dressing well but it’s also about being genuine with people when you first meet them and not showing you’re trying to use them for what they know, who they know, or what momentary value they have in life.

As no one likes to be used but many people try to get to know people for the wrong reasons in life and in the long term it won’t get them anywhere with them.

Because a well known person gets people coming up to them all the time and they can figure out who is genuine and who is not.

So make sure you’re the latter.

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7. Money comes and goes but your attitude towards it stays.

And if you think you`ll never have financial ups and downs you`d be wrong because external forces in this world change all of the time and you need to know how to react to them.

That’s why you need to have financial literacy. Because then you`ll be able to know when to spend and when to save your money.

8. We all need help in life as nothing can be achieved alone.

Now you may think that’s untrue because there are many self-made people out there. But the reality is even though those people may have appeared to have made it alone someone has to have helped them along the way.

For one they wouldn’t be the adult they are but for the love and attention, they got from, someone, as they grew up.

And as an adult, although a successful person may be doing it well alone in their business they’ll still need at least one other human in life to be supporting them emotionally.

Because no one is an island and we all need company.

9. You need to be open to learning all of the time.

Because although school time will end you’ll enter into adulthood and that’s when the real learning in life happens.

But once you`re open to learning you`re going to go places and have success in more areas of your life as well.

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