Doing things slowly but surely will make you sharper and more productive in the long run

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What you think about right before you sleep has an impact on your subconscious and your dreams

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By observing who’s around you’ll be able to predict how successful you’ll be now and in the future

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Reaching your first 100 followers on Medium is a struggle so you have to know the reason you`re willing to write for that long in the first place because otherwise, it’s a waste of your time!

Now that space travel is a thing of pure pleasure it’s up to the leaders to make sure that those that truly deserve the trip will be given the opportunity so that everyone can enjoy the realities of fulfilling their imagination

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George Blanda is a legend in pro football as he played in the NFL until he was 48 but Tom Brady now thinks he can surpass this age so its important for all high performers to see why this is possible

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Life has a funny way of teaching us a lesson so it’s important to be open to learning them when they are provided so you can have a better life now and in the future

As we live such a hurried lifestyle we fail to recognize that we have the opportunity to heal ourselves by being close to nature’s elements and in doing so settle our minds and bodies for the busy day ahead

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Life is challenging when you`re forced to change and you don’t want to but the great thing is if you change quicker than others you`ll receive the advantages that they never will

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer got it wrong when he substituted Cristiano Ronaldo two games into his second comeback and he must learn from it if he wants to deal with the best players in the world.

Dr. Conor Hogan Ph.D.

The World’s Leading High-Performance Neuro Socio-Psychologist Who Has Co-Authored in 4 Book Books On Mental Health. First Time National Award-Winning Blogger.

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