Life has a funny way of teaching us a lesson so it’s important to be open to learning them when they are provided so you can have a better life now and in the future

I`ve been growing all my life.

And I hold myself accountable for getting better every year I`m on earth.

Ever since I`ve been a child I`ve tried to learn as I go along. And when something went wrong when I was a child, of course, it was a tough lesson to take but I`d make sure I`d iron into myself.

When I went for a walk alone I`d say to myself:

“What have you learned now that you’re 12 years old?”

and then I`d have to think deeply about things and go back over the previous 12 months so I…

As we live such a hurried lifestyle we fail to recognize that we have the opportunity to heal ourselves by being close to nature’s elements and in doing so settle our minds and bodies for the busy day ahead

Life surrounds us with healing properties all of the time yet we will die.

It’s a strange thing but it is guaranteed.

But when we’re alive we never quite grasp how easy it is to heal ourselves at times. We complain of small things and never seem to realize that in complaining we are wasting the most valuable thing we are given in our lives.

Photo by Boyd Christiansen on Unsplash

And that of course is time.

Common complaints from many people can be that they have a sore back or an itchy feeling somewhere where they can’t seem to scratch better. And there are feelings…

As the pandemic left me alone and all my plans in life had to change it didn’t dampen my spirits as I used my thoughts to my advantage and cherished my aging self alone

Your Present Is Your Present So Enjoy Unwrapping It

When I was younger I was lied to.

Older and wiser people than me kept saying that:

“Life begins at forty!”

Photo by Conor Luddy on Unsplash

I believed it because I thought forty was a lifetime away and I was trying to muddle my way through my daily problems and figure out how to get out of school early every day without any homework.

That was a big stress to me at the time.

But the older people didn’t seem stressed when they mentioned how life was going to take off at forty. I immediately thought…

It seems ironic that someone’s passing will make you understand the immediacy you must live your life with but it does so you can learn from the departed and live a better life for yourself

Death kills.

Of course, it does.

But when it does happen it usually is unexpected.

Because even though those that pass can be sick and you know they are going to pass away when it happens it’s different. It’s final.

They’re gone.

Photo by Marek Studzinski on Unsplash

And when they pass away that’s it, you won’t see them again.

When someone dies it’s surreal.

If it’s a sudden death the first thing you and everyone that knows of them will say:

“How did they die?”

And it’s incredible how many times people ask this. …

Your brain will believe whatever it imagines to be true so make sure you ask for the truth before the lies dictate your life

There’s fact and then there’s fiction and then there’s life.

A factual story looks at what happened in reality. It can also be known as a non-fiction story. Whereas a fictional story can be made up from a writer’s imagination.

Photo by Nong Vang on Unsplash

Either way, though I think we need to pay attention to a good story.

Because in each story there is a lesson.

Of course, if the story is based on factual happenings and it moves you emotionally you`re going to sit up and pay attention. …

Life has a funny way of catching up with us so it's important to be aware of what we do in our twenties so we know how to live better later on

The party ends.

And when it does you’re the only one who has to clean up.

Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash

But your twenties is about getting out and about and feeling that fresh rush of independent living and meeting new people all of the time along the way. So if live through it correctly it can set you up for a better life later on.

It’s a time when you`ve also got cash that you never had when you were in your teens. Then you may have had a determination to get out and socialize but you never had the finances to do it…

Although it’s great to think about others when they are in need if you free up your time and actively help them you can turn their life around

Live your life.

Avoid living others’ lives.

Think about it, why would you waste your time and energy on living others’ lives?

After all, it’s not yours.

Okay, if you are overly concerned about others then this is a good thing. It shows you have empathy. You can put yourself in another’s shoes.

But what are you doing about it?

Unless you go out there and do something for them or can speak with them and work things out it’s not going to do anything substantial for that other person if you only care about them. …

Life has a funny way of kicking you when you`re down but if you treat it well from the beginning you`ll be able to manage better when things get rough later on

I hope I’m not going to die today.

But if I do I`ll be happy I`ve lived a life where I`ve learned a lot.

And the funny thing is the lessons I`ve learned are all quite simple to explain. But they`re not always easy to do every time. Because life challenges you.

This can happen from all sides and from anyone.

You never know when your biggest challenge is coming. Nor who is going to challenge you the most.

Still, if you follow some guidelines in life you`ll have a better one.

Here are 10 important lessons I`ve learned that…

When you`re young and alone and have nothing to lose you can soon find yourself in trouble but when you find good people before long they’ll help you get back on track

The first time I arrived in the US I thought I was in a movie.

Like many Europeans, I had watched US movies all my life and now I thought I was part of one or some strange social experiment. Although I can’t speak for all my fellow Europeans because any American perception of Europe that it’s as tightly knit as the US as a people would be wrong.

Photo by USGS on Unsplash

But instead, I can say that as an Irish man I thought my first US visit was surreal.

I arrived alone late on a Monday evening. It was the first time…

Your brain loves a routine but if the routine does not suit the problem you need to do nothing and watch how the solution comes to mind very quickly

Your brains need a break if it can’t solve a problem.

Although brains love to go at full tilt and be extremely effective at this speed they can be just as effective when they do nothing.

Photo by Xiao Cui on Unsplash

Because, if we think so much about something we are putting so much fuel into it that we can’t see the woods from the trees. And even though the focus we create can be effective it can also stop us from seeing things that are very obvious to others.

And although you need to work hard to be rewarded you can miss a trick…

Dr. Conor Hogan Ph.D.

The World’s Leading High-Performance Neuro Socio-Psychologist Who Has Co-Authored in 4 Book Books On Mental Health. First Time National Award-Winning Blogger.

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