Challenges Attract Competitors But Problems Exist for Losers

If you have the right intention in life you`ll begin to see things as being challenging rather than being a problem and then eventually you’ll get your just rewards from this attitude

Many problems that I have I look back on from the past were challenges.

So much so that now I seek out challenges.

And I know if I face these common issues that the vast majority of people will instead shy away from them because they`ll see them as being too problematic and not worth their time or energy.

That’s partially why competitors fail.

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As I see challenges as being a place where opportunities lie.

I think the word ‘challenge’ is not referred to enough by many as instead, they say they have problems. But by addressing these issues as problems you`re not seeing them merely as they are.

Because for me, they are hurdles in your way to victory.

And of course, no one seeks problems but if you seek challenges you`ll be rewarded instead of being thrust into things you can’t or don’t want to face.

It’s all about turning bad into good and seeing further than others.

Sure right now you may not have the money to fulfill a challenge or you may not know the people that will help you with it but you`ll have set an intention to compete long enough and strong enough to align yourself with that specific challenge and meet it head-on.

Because if we ignore challenges we are lazy.

It’s that simple.

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Why so harsh and why do I say this?

Well, over the last century or so the world has developed so much. We have many additions to our generation that previous ones never had. Look at the various revolutions and the changes that have happened to shape the world in the past decades and more.

We had the industrial revolution which allowed more people than the previous generation to have jobs and that enabled them to call those jobs their careers. Because the uniform way factories were built meant mass production of products was made possible. This then meant there led to a growth in the constant demand for products every day which began to be fulfilled by its suppliers.

And when more people purchased products regularly the brands of products became stronger and more job permanence was given to more employees.

In a similar way, innovative thinking has gotten its chance to thrive and from there it began to breed. Industries became ever improved and this resulted in a greater selection of products coming on stream. Then the logistical processes became better and customers could be speedily delivered to as well.

After that, the internet came along.

This began to enable people to communicate all around the world in an instant.

It meant industry could be multiplied at scale and borders were invisible. People could become educated from afar and open their minds to greater possibilities in life.

Problems that existed were extinguished as solutions from other cultures were available at the flick of a computer button. Learning became habitual and habits changed as a result.

All of these changes have meant we can do things easier and quicker. It enables people to do business not only in different countries but on different continents too.

Yet some traditions never change.

Take the Olympic Games that come around every 4 years. In it, you`ve got the 110 meters hurdles. Within that discipline, the athletes can see the finish line.

But of course, before you can get to the finish line you have to get over the hurdles. Yet not every athlete gets over them. Instead, as they are moving so fast they can push through them. But the competition allows for the hurdle to fall and has specifically designed it to fall forward in case the athlete gets their legs tangled in it so many athletes let the finish line guide them through the hurdles rather than over them.

Still, when they get to the finish line many of the competitors find out they have not won the race.

And that’s only another challenge.

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Sure it may take 4 more years to get over the fact they`ve come second, third, or even further down the field but they cannot go back on what has just happened. Those ten seconds or so are gone and will never return in their career again.

This is the same for everyone because once something has been done it will never again return in the exact same way.

But like the athletes who work so hard for years for a few seconds to compete, they face obstacles in their way all of the time. And even if they get through them they may be faced with a disappointing result that has ruined their previous years of efforts.

Hurdling is like life that way.

All you can do is learn from the disappointments and step up to the start line another time. Rather than seeing things as a problem looks at them as another challenge.

If you look at things in that way you`ll begin to problem solve. You`ll avoid the mass laziness that previous revolutions have brought to this world and instead grasp the advantages of them yet see other ways forward even if you fail.

So live life loving a challenge and watch how far you get ahead of the chasing pack.

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