Fear Not The Other For They Have The Answer To Your Self

Without knowing all types of people we are ignoring the deepest part of ourselves and if we don’t understand that we`ll never be able to show or have a true passion for life

Dr. Conor Hogan Ph.D.
4 min readDec 15, 2021


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Love what you hate and it brings you, love.

Now how does that make sense?

Let me explain.

The first thing we need to realize is that we are love.

This is pure. This is the truth. This is whole.

Yet, the funny thing about love is that it’s very difficult to pin it down. Scientists have tried for many years to agree on a definition of the term yet have failed to get a consistent hold on it. But that doesn’t seem to matter.


Because everyone on planet earth right now knows what love is. They know it as many of them have been shown it from an early age by a parent, a guardian, or a guide. And even those that have found themselves alone without this form of direction by an older person know there is something missing.

This is where psychological issues such as attachment disorder begin.

That’s when a young person can behave overtly intensely towards a caregiver or on the opposite side of things when they become distant and cold.

But it all comes from an internal need to give and feel love.

Still, that’s not to say that there are people out there that wake up daily all soppy and romantic swooning around the place seeking to be loved or to give love all the time. However, there is the opposite of people out there who can go much longer without requiring deep and meaningful love to be shown towards them. Those are rare and can be extremely productive in failing to be pinned down to daily and regular outpourings of loving emotion.

But even they too have blind spots.

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Because emotions have a way of catching up on people. As little fragments of daily emotional conversations get stuck in even those peoples’ subconscious and play with the mind of this individual. That’s when time passes and deep resonance of love hits them like a sucker punch and they are forced to make what is for them and many around them an irrational decision that seems so out of character.

So the existence and requirement for love are clear to all.

And what for my earlier statement that what you hate will bring you, love?

Well, on the understanding that we all need love, I see it as a way of deepening your awareness and quality of this strong emotion.

As it’s easy to love those you are attracted to. And it’s not only you that will want to show them, love, as many people around them will be reeled in by their aesthetic beauty. From there they will be automatically intrigued to establish if the person matched up to the look. Of course, if they are open, pleasant, kind, trusting, and caring then more will want to show them love in return.

But there is a whole range of people out there that don’t have the benefit of good looks and an exceptional charisma that draws the positivity of others up their avenue to love.

And it’s those types of people that are more challenging to love from the outset. And if you don’t know them and are unaware of what they represent then fear presents itself before an ability to love unbridles its armory.

And fear is there as the most innate emotion that dictates the landscape between two different types of people.

When that occurs it’s difficult to have love happen or be shown between two people. It’s the same for two groups of friends, gangs, countries, or cultures. This is where division can become a force and wariness creeps in between the thinking that two different tribes have for one another.

So finding peace not to mention love can seem impossible to find.

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But when all of this fear is stripped away you`re left with much of what we are ourselves. Because although we may fear that of what we do not know or hate that of what we do not understand it does not mean to say that there is not a likeness between us and them.

For if we are truly deepening our love we need to look within rather than looking outside of ourselves.

As that’s where you`ll likely find not only the gap that love fills but also the void that we need to work on filling. Because as humans, we rarely are fully connected to each and everyone in the world. But if we can be we will feel an ultimate uplift of energy that is pulsated by a grounding of love.

That’s why if we search within our self we will find that lining of fear that is against some other person or people.

From there we need to question why that is?

And if we strip it back we`ll notice that the fear we have for the other is ignorance we have for our true self.

However, if we give this part of ourselves our full attention we`ll start to figure out why this gap appeared in the first place. From there we`ll be able to be open to others that we initially feared but instead will see the mirror of what our inner self fully represents.



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