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As times get tougher you can always take a short vacation where Scott Nadel and his team will share their humble recipe of success with you and make sure you`ll return home wiser and more fulfilled

Morrie Schwartz was a wise Jewish man.

Sick, poor, and old, but wise.

And a leader to over 17 million people too.

But how could that be?

After all, he was a dying man with little monetary value to give to the world. But he inspired author Mitch Album who was his former college student to come to visit him each Tuesday before his passing. There they would talk about life and Album would go on to chronicle the conversations and release the rich lessons that his old college professor gave to him and in doing so lift the lives of millions of people all around the world.

Earl Rubin was a also wise Jewish man.

But he was not a college professor and no one titled an international bestselling book with his name on it. Instead, he imparted his life legacy through the leadership of his grandson Scott Nadel.

And Nadel reflects on what he learned at a young age every day in a career he loves by helping others along the way.

Because Scott is a 25-plus year hotel industry leader with rich experience with branded hotel affiliations, independent resorts, and food and beverage operations and is also a second-generation hotelier.

Not only that, but Scott learned from Rubin all about how to treat people. When he was a boy he and his siblings grew up in Del Webb Sun City Retirement Community, Arizona, It was there that he learned the importance of how interacting with others and the importance of respecting your elders.

Lately, in a conversation with Nadel he told me that:

“When I was growing up some of my best friends were senior citizens!”

And it was there that he learned his leadership traits from his grandfather who was his biggest influence and role model in his young adult life.

Whilst reminiscing, Scott made me aware that his grandfather Earl stood up for him and his siblings at the Del Webb Retirement Community as they did not want children to live in the community of 55 age restriction with seniors, but Rubin dug his heels in and remained resolute that no one would take his children from their home in Sun City.

And he, although it was a hard stance to take at the time Earl Rubin’s leadership, won out in the end and Scott and his family stayed put amongst the retirees of their community.

Since 2007 Nadel has served as a director of Galaxy Hotels. He is responsible for the complete management of hotel operations, asset capitalization, partnership relations the company’s strategic objectives.

Nadel has direct daily operational activities of the company’s corporate and regional offices. Throughout his time, he has put in place policies, strategies, and developed procedures to help the smoother running of the corporation as a whole. Along with being skilled in budgeting, marketing, and sales, Scott has achieved profitability and an excellent overall product and service quality for all who avail of their hotels.

And he was also invited to join the editorial board of the Hotel Business Review.

So it’s fair to say Nadel is an esteemed leader in the hotel industry.

When growing up Scott was the second to the youngest yet even today he looks up to wiser older leaders within his industry and knows their knowledge is a guiding force that will push the hotel industry through the tough times that we now face.

That’s why people like Bill Marriott Arnie Sorensen, and Stephen A. Schwarzman (who is the Chairman, CEO & Co-Founder of Blackstone) have shown humility in the way they lead and Nadel has witnessed this firsthand and is grateful to try to follow their successful ways of leading others too.

These people have been firm fathering figures for him since he last set his eyes on his grandfather when he passed back in 1987. It was then that Scott found it difficult to get his head around him not being there. If truth be told, Scott wasn’t in a good place and was weighing in at 260 pounds. But upon remembering how his grandfather showed strength he picked himself up to not only lose all the weight but to combine the old world values that he so much appreciated in people with his progressive business strategies to become a top hotel leader.

And that’s why he vows to continue doing the work he loves until he ages himself when he let me know that:

“I will be 92 years old and visit our hotels with a walker .”

Yet he has experienced tough times in the past couple of years too.

“There is nothing worse to tell valued associates they no longer have a job. It was very difficult for me to do the same to our associates in our franchise company. It was of the hardest things I had to do in the industry. These past couple of years caused a lot of rebelling.”

But he has faith in his strong work ethic and that of others too. Once he leads them with humility and respect and although he acknowledges that there are serious economic changes afoot he is confident that in the long run, his hotels will come out stronger.

And although Nadel is not yet a half-century old he is a CHA (Certified Hospitality Administrator), and explained to me how it’s the wisdom of older leaders like his grandfather that we must be aware of as the coming challenges that we face will be there both economically and in life too.

To me, it’s clear Scott will defend everyone he leads, especially those that do not have the same authority as him. After all, his grandfather never gave up on him and his siblings when outside threats came knocking on their door, and Nadel will do his humble best to protect his people and guests as they journey into a new unknown of economic uncertainty.



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