How Exercising Harms Athletes

Although practice and training is required to be an elite athlete not every one of them understands what they are doing with their body

Photo by Arek Adeoye on Unsplash

Of course, you need to exercise to perform in sport, but you need to know how to move properly to be efficient with your body and mind also.

Their body may move on the treadmill and the weights may go up, yet it’s not being done efficiently or even safely.

And it also helps their brain understand the correct movement which concentrates their mind when they are performing at the highest level.

Yoga allows athletes to become more physically and mentally aware of their movement and their mind too.

And you`d be surprised and how poorly some top-class elite sports players use their bodies when you observe this from close proximity.

Although he was big and strong his body was unable to move with any fluency or rhythm.

And as an elite sportsman playing at the top of his game he was unable to begin moving his body into more than 90% of the physical yoga postures.

Even though he had the strength he was unable to maximize how he used it. And injury was also going to be a reality in his life soon, or so I thought.

And I was right.

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