How Human Touch Communicates the Deepest Emotions within a Person

Despite the world being technologically connected like never before being physically close and reaching out for that human touch still aids you with a deeper emotional bond like none other

Dr. Conor Hogan Ph.D.
4 min readJan 18, 2022
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“Just a little of that human touch”

Is a famous line from the Bruce Springsteen song Human Touch.

And it was nominated for the best rock song in the US Grammy awards in 1993. It was number one in many European countries and sales that got it in the top 10 within many of the national music charts around the world.

So it’s fair to say that it was a song that reached out to people and resonated with them. Some would even say that it touched them, but I`ll understand if you feel that’s a bit cheap of me to say especially given the title of the song!

Yet although that may be an easy choice of words to use it doesn’t refer directly to the need for human touching but rather to the emotions that it evokes when it is heard.

That’s why I feel human touch needs to be spoken about more. I mean if we think about the couple of years that a pandemic brought to all of our lives we’ll recall when we were distant from many loved ones and close friends. For many, this was too much to handle and the lack of physical closeness made them feel down or disconnected despite all the technological advancements that were available to them to reach out to others regularly.

So it begs the question regarding the importance of when we as humans can’t but help seek out or give that human touch.

And when you think about it that occurs when emotions are running high for a person and all they want is to be is close to another. For example:

  1. When someone passes away we are often compelled to seek some form of touch from the first person that we meet once we’ve discovered that another person has passed on to their afterlife.

I can recall when I visited a close friend’s home not long after someone had passed away in their family. They had assumed the role of staying putt while others of the household began the arrangements immediately after the passing. When I visited them their obvious upset of the passing of one of their close family members meant the only way they could communicate this passing was through a hug.

2. The same is true when someone marries another person as the overriding sense of love allows not only the bride and groom to hug, handle, and kiss family and friends but it also transmits the universal feeling of commitment that is within the two who have decided to marry for their future love and loyalty together.

Thankfully I have many pleasant memories of being at weddings where the sense of love is in the air and all around are being friendly and open and the sense of welcome is there to physically reach out shake hands with strangers or put your hand out to offer another to dance.

3. And often after marriage, it’s not long before birth occurs in a young family. When this happens it gives every adult that was at the wedding a great feeling of a new beginning. It’s a fresh life that has never had anything go wrong for them and it gives those that are close to the mother and father a sense of curiosity towards what type of personality the child will develop.

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When this happens, often men shake the father’s hands and women often hug the mother. Beyond that many females are compelled to cradle the newborn as they momentarily visit their maternal urge.

4. When an unfortunate accident happens to someone those closest to them are determined to physically be by their side. They want to reach out and offer a hand of support. The inner human healing qualities push them to lay a soft hand on the back of the injured person and the feeling of wanting to ask the hospital medics for their prognoses is normal and natural so you can prepare to help them after their time in hospital.

Having been a patient in experiences such as these I know that those you`d least expect are genuinely worried about your wellness and you’ll learn who cares for you most in times such as this.

5. Annually when birthdays roll around a hug or a handshake often becomes customary.

And we’ve all experienced those and know how when they arrive it’s great to physically connect to those that are linked to our pasts.

Having revisited all of these scenarios of life it’s clear then that people need more than being in another’s company. There is something deeper to be sought out when they feel weaker or are uncontrollably elated. Those are times when your subconscious fears and dreams are cushioned into reality by the physical connection that proves there is nothing like the human touch.

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So as much as technology allows us to connect know that your very presence and your offering of touch at times when people are open to it will fulfill their inner need to exist and be humble within their life.



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