How Meditation Is A Proven Psychological Investment

Too many in the western world can’t slow down enough in life to reap the benefits of a simple meditative practice that will serve them like money invested in the bank

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If you don’t have a goal in life you have nothing.

But then again if you have a bad aim what’s the point in having a goal!

Because you may miss everything to try to do. And many people try things and don’t achieve them. And then they feel like a failure, give up, and think they have nothing to offer this world.

Yet nothing is further from the truth.

Just take a look at the number of people who move to Los Angeles every year that try to become movie stars and never make the cut. Or check out the number of videos online that never get thousands of views on YouTube. Then there are written stories like this one, it’s not hitting its target audience if no one reads it.

That’s one of the reasons I`m delighted you`ve read this far!

Yet even if you fail you’ll have to go back to the drawing board and try to figure out something that’s better suited towards your abilities as everyone is on Earth for some big reason or another.

And the time we spend here is a way to find out what we are here to do with our given talents. As that process happens there’s a need for you to be more aware of what is within you and what you need to get out of yourself to maximize your opportunities and help others in return.

That’s why if you can live your life being more self-aware in the first place then there’s a greater chance you can be more productive, more successful, and find your true purpose a lot earlier along your path.

So by shaping a lifestyle where you adopt habits that will make you more self-aware you`ll make yourself happier, more efficient, and more motivated in the long term.

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And that’s why meditation is the perfect proven psychological way to boost your self-awareness and help live a better life as well. For it allows you to change your brain state so that you are more relaxed and ever-present in the moment.

Scientific studies have shown that those who meditate have more grey matter in their insula and sensory regions, their sensory cortex, and the auditory areas of their brain. And it’s important for your brain because as you age your cortex shrinks. In doing so you will find it more difficult to remember things.

In one particular study, namely the first study it was discovered that 50 years old mediators had as much grey matter as people half their age.

In just two months participants in this study noticed that there was an improvement in their sensory, emotional, and cognitive processing.

In meditating you are paying full attention to your breath. But why is this important?

Because by focusing on your breath you can notice any irregular breathing which distorts your nervous system and makes it susceptible to emotional turbulence throughout your day. Whereas if you can settle on a more regular breathing pattern your nervous system will serve you better in the shorter and longer-term.

It will make you a calmer and a more in-control person.

By being more in control you are allowing yourself the space to think more clearly, make better decisions, and be less reactive to external situations in your life.

Yet, of course, many people state they don’t have the time to meditate given that it takes an extra few minutes every day. And when they find out that it’s best attempted in the morning the same people often reject this as a technique to improve their life because they are too busy when they wake to take up another task before they get to work.

But that’s exactly the reason why meditation is required in your life.

Because in making time for it early on in the day, your day will appear more organized, you`ll be more in control of its timetable, and be more open to the things life throws at you.

In doing so you`ll see gaps within the hours where you can exploit to exercise your true gifts.

That’s where you can become an opportunist in life where you can jump ahead of others and use what you’re good at.

Because meditation is an investment of time that will multiply back the times back you in spades. Similar to investing money in a sure thing, by putting some consistent time into staying still every morning you’ll be slowing things down around you throughout the day which will allow yourself a window to see things occur before others.

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And if you take action and fail you won’t worry as much because you’ll already be in the habit of meditating which will enable you to regulate your thoughts and properly reflect on any failures you may have had.

No matter what the outcome the time you invest in meditation adds to the bank of meditative practice you’ve built up over time.

And you can spend it as you wish so long as you continue to exercise the same practice in the future it will replenish your energies, your thoughts, and efforts and refine your thinking to help you achieve your true aim in life.

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