How Medium Rewarded Me With A 75% Increase In Followers

You may have started writing on Medium and got frustrated when no one read your stuff but there’s a way to get followers on your Medium content legally and it’s not what you think!

Today I was purging old emails because I have a nasty habit of letting them build up in my inbox.

Then all of a sudden, I was shocked when I saw one from Medium.

Medium is an online platform that claims that readers can find dynamic thinking and where undiscovered voices and those that have expertise can share their views on any topic.

So I took a glance at the e-mail from Medium with a subject line that read:

‘You have 12 new followers on Medium.’

My initial reaction was that I couldn’t believe it. Then, I took a second look and decided to open the e-mail.

When I opened it the headline was verified as the message showed I had increased my following on Medium because 12 new readers had decided to click the follow button.

At that stage, I was more than a bit surprised.

Why was I so surprised you may wonder?

Well, to be honest, I hadn’t written on Medium for quite a while. So, I never expected a new follower let alone 12 of them. Rather, I felt I would have lost followers over the period since I`d last written on the online platform.

Now to you, 12 new followers may not seem much but it was huge for me.

After all, my last follower count on Medium showed that I had only eighteen followers so by the time the email was opened I had a 66.6% increase in my following within a day without writing anything!

Then, I got very curious.

You see, I had only started writing on Medium in the middle of December 2020. And as it was now three-quarters of the way through the following year and I got a confirmation from Medium to say I had a two-thirds increase in my following I was interested to find out why.

My initial thought was:

“Wow, maybe Medium is not such a waste of time after all!”

Because for the previous 6 weeks I had not published anything on Medium. Not that I was annoyed with only having eighteen followers because, to be frank with you I`m not overly bothered about having lots of followers. For me, it’s more important to have loyal readers and if that means there are fewer of them than a huge amount of followers then I`m happy with that.

So until this article, I`d stalled my publishing on Medium because of three different reasons.

Firstly, it was a time commitment in writing regularly and I wasn’t getting what I felt was a good enough return on this process.

You see when I write regularly and publish somewhere I intend to put good time and energy into it. And I accept it if my style of writing or choice of content is not for the majority of readers or followers out there. That’s very understandable.

Still, I’d be lying if I didn’t say it’s not nice to know someone is reading at least some of your output otherwise what’s the point in publishing your work and trying to share your thoughts on what you know about?

After all, if no one wants to read or follow your they won`t. And from the vast majority of readers out there, I`m okay with that.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that if the vast majority of readers don’t read my content I have to stop writing. But it may mean I`m better off writing a private diary if no one wants to read my public work!

The second reason I ceased writing back in the Summer of 2021 was that after my last article on the Olympic Games I got seriously busy with my business. So I needed to devote more time to the people that truly wanted my expertise. Because I`m not the type of person that does things by half but would much prefer to give good value to people.

And the final reason I neglected to publish on Medium was that I thought to myself:

“Maybe I need to improve my style or written content?”

So in the past few weeks, I’d been pondering how I`d do that within my wheelhouse of knowledge and experience. I wanted to see if I could produce other content that may be interesting to readers.

Then I saw the email from Medium.

So I logged on to Medium to see if there was some form of mistake.

And there was!

Because I had more than 30 followers which the initial 18 and the extra 12 would suggest. Instead, I had 50 followers. That’s a 76% increase without writing a single article!

And that’s when I decided that I`d write this article as it would be content worth sharing.

But what have I learned from it all?

Well, of course, it’s another micro lesson in never giving up and it also shows that you never know when or who will read your content once you put it up online.

Most of all though, it’s given me a good feeling that perhaps people haven’t given up reading to become as a form of education and entertainment and that Medium certainly does give a voice to previously undiscovered voices.

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