How Passion Overcomes Laziness

If you don't have a passion you’re opening the door to becoming lazy and unmotivated and that's when you stand still and feel like you’re not doing anywhere productive or moving forward with good direction in life

The laziest cat was Garfield.

Remember that orange Persian/tabby cat from the late 1970s comic strips?

He was created by Jim Davis and in the comic strip he was shown as a lazy, overweight, and a pessimistic cat who many readers enjoyed viewing.

Photo by Doloresz Dombi on Unsplash

Such was his popularity that he became a TV star after his initial time in the press.

And it wasn’t housed cats that were watching him and laughing. Rather, it was people. Sure, they loved to see the colored cat slouching around his house and they could relate that to their furry friend in life. But, it was the personality of the cat that resonated with them the most.

And although their cat had a personality they probably never had a life as detailed as Garfield.

Because that’s what only attracted them to the comic strip or the TV show in the first place.

Rather it’s the human personality that was aligned with the cat. As that’s what kept people watching the character of Garfield. And it made it funnier and more relatable to them over the longer term too.

And oddly it was his laziness that people were fascinated with.

His overly droopy eyes and cynical character reminded many people of others they knew in life. It may have reminded them of themselves also. But for sure it kept them reading and watching.

So why are people lazy?

Surely we should all bounce out of bed every morning and be full of the joys of life and ready to attack a new day after a full night’s sleep. Yet not everyone is. Instead, most people go to bed each night after a day’s work and wake after their night’s sleep thinking about what they have to endure at work to get off in the evening time when they can afford to have some free space.

And that’s hardly a way of motivating you to bounce onto your feet with the enthusiasm of a small naïve child.

Photo by Kate Stone Matheson on Unsplash

Because most people go through a set routine in life which our brains love because it retains energy. Our brain wants to be efficient so in one way by having routines it settles us in our minds. But at the same time, this frustrates another part of our brain which loves novelty.

And if you aren’t motivated by something that wets your fancy then it’s hard to find the enthusiasm to start every day with curiosity about where your day will lead you.

That’s when every day can seem like Groundhog Day.

And no one wants to be around someone who does the same thing over and over again and is bored by it all. They`re not motivated by it all and this can dampen your spirits.

So you have to find something you love in life.

Something that you`re passionate about. Of course, that’s easy to say and idealistic but not always possible if financial pressures don’t allow you to do that.

But then again, pressures like this will stifle your daily motivations as well.

And as we live in a universe that recognizes our feelings first then when you’re unmotivated you’re on the road to becoming lazy.

Once you start showing signs of laziness others will probably notice that in you and they’ll be detracted to what you’re putting out there in the world. Because we all like to be connected to people in a positive light and when we’re not then we’re less likely to be inspired by our daily routine which only includes the hum drum of a job we’re not super in love with.

And that’s one thing that can keep us in the loop of laziness.

When we’re lazy we tend to spend our excess money on stuff we don’t need so we can fill the gaps of dissatisfaction that we have in our lives. And if we didn’t spend so much money we wouldn’t need as much financial income to earn from a job we think we needed in the first place!

So at some stage, we need to make a hard decision to leave a job we’re not enthused by anymore and take the leap and do something that interests us instead.

Because that’s where our energy lies and from there we’ll tap into our well of creativity also.

And every marketplace loves creativity because that’s what’s at the heart of service and product innovation.

An innovative idea is always noticed by more people and they are eager to show interest as well. Once you get that interest you feel that connection with people again and are more eager to serve them by improving what you produce or sell to them. That’s where the money lies and the alignment with a new career that’s fuelled with passion is.

Photo by Kashawn Hernandez on Unsplash

If you make that change then not only will you be awake at night looking forward to whatever the next day will bring but you`ll leap like a cat from your bed in the morning eager to feed your passion and the needs of everyone who buys from you too.

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