How Patience Propels The Purpose Of The Present Moment

Too many people look forward and back at things they wish or miss in life but by adopting more patience you`ll be rewarded with joy in each and every moment of life

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“Keep in the moment because you know it goes by very fast!”

Those were the words an elderly man spurted out to me lately. And it’s a moment I`ll never forget. For it was true wisdom.

You can’t argue with someone who has lived decades longer than the average person on a topic such as that. They`ve lived it. Even if they have not achieved anything magnificent it doesn’t matter.

The fact that someone, anyone, has lived so long and come to that conclusion tells you it’s worth listening to.

The funny thing is though we weren’t talking about anything related to time, life in general, or anything of the sort. At that time, We were having a general conversation on things and then he said that. Yet that begins to show the true feelings that lay beneath the superficial conversation that it was.

So it got me thinking about how long it takes people to come to the conclusion in life that there is no point in thinking too much about the future or wallowing in the past. It begs the question as to why we as humans get all caught up in the ‘what ifs’ and the ‘if only’ when all we have the ability to control is our reaction to whatever the present moment brings?

But the reality is too many of us create this frenzy of busyness to block out the rawness of the present moment.

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And that’s not to say the present moment is bad but for many, it can be boring.

That’s why I believe having patience as a younger person can aid you in fostering that underlying appreciation for the present that we are gifted with. Because when you are older you don’t have the speed of thought as you once had, you aren’t as agile or as physically adept to run from things, and you can’t see as long a future as you previously could.

So your friend is your presence.

When younger, to take advantage of the wisdom of old age is to steal that way of thinking right now. As if remaining present helps older people come to terms with the challenging situations that aging brings think of the many advantages it can bring to younger people as well?

But it’s easy to talk about it all and entirely another thing to put into action.

That’s why practicing being in the moment is required to become skilled at relishing it all of the time. And in beginning to do so, patience is a vital skill to it acquire straight away. Because with patience you`ll be able to master presence.

As the old idiom states ‘patience is a virtue, and if you adopt a patient approach then all good things will come to you.

But it’s not only that, as practicing patience also staves off anxiety. For if you are to focus on being patient for all the things that you wish to happen right now you`ll begin to develop a calmer mind as time goes by. And given that most of what we wish for never happens straight away this will help us as it takes time for things to appear no matter what actions we take.

Yet once you adopt that patient approach whatever you`re working on will have a better result when it eventually gets completed. And if you`re working on something big that means you`ll feel a greater sense of achievement from your productivity of the end project. In itself that is a wonderful reward for your patience as feelings cannot be bought but are best created from within.

And if you adopt that approach along the way having patience will force you to look at your mistakes and correct them.

For patience teaches you the difference between quality and quantity and the need for everyone to take their time if everything is to be completed as it deserves to be. And in doing so, you`ll develop a larger view of not only the project that you’re doing but a wider world view as well. Because although it takes more time to do something that time is given back in spades if what you create is of higher value and you`ll know that from the plaudits you`ll receive after the eventual end result.

Because once you come to the end patience will have carried you there along with its bedfellow of continual resilience.

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But in the meantime, you need to claw back on things and know that these are the skills you`ll adopt along the path of a promised presence in your life. For to get to the next moment and be in it with a sense of awe and wonder means you can’t bring with you pain and regret. Rather what’s important is to keep the carefree mind of what you learned from your childhood and let it illuminate the continuous of present moments that you`re gifted within old age.

So let patience push presence otherwise you`ll be pulled into the past with pessimism.



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