How Self-Talk Saves You From Daily Moments Of Pressure

Dr. Conor Hogan Ph.D.
4 min readNov 16, 2021


By listening to your calmest most inner voice you`ll create a life for yourself that you`ll soon realize was meant for you all along

Not everyone has to save a dying man from a burning car wreck.

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Not everyone has to stabilize a full plane full of passengers when turbulence hits thousands of feet in the air.

And not everyone has to detonate a ticking time bomb before a building full of people will die.

These problems are saved for highly trained emergency services, pilots, and bomb disposal units.

But that doesn’t mean that these professionals don’t feel the pressure they`re under. But they can’t ever succumb to that pressure because if they do not only will they fail at their job but they`ll put their lives in jeopardy or possibly die as well.

And there’s no doubt that as well as being highly trained these people are braver than most of us out there. Because most people don’t go to work every day to risk their lives. But that doesn’t mean that most other people can’t find that ability to fend off pressure in their ordinary daily lives so that they can benefit from the pressure rather than letting it destroy their regular choices.

Because things do go wrong in life but it’s how you manage your emotions and react to that problem that will dictate your future path.

And when that future comes you`ll undoubtedly be challenged by outside influences. But if you become used to dealing with pressure properly then you`ll give yourself the best chance to succeed at whatever it is you want to in life. Whereas other people will see a series of pressures as being hurdles they cannot cross and they`ll keep failing and bouncing from one disaster to the next.

So that’s why it’s important to invest time and energy into understanding how to deal with extreme outside forces.

Because once you do you`ll be able to survive them and learn from your problems instead of being dictated by them.

And one way to do this is by talking to yourself.

Yet too many people think this is odd but still allow other idle thoughts to make choices when the pressure is on. Whereas if they gave a voice to the best calmly created thought it would be louder and more prominent in their mind when panic sets in as appose to the thousands of crowded thoughts that rear their head during an occasion when split-second timing is of utmost importance.

Typical examples of these times of pressure come every day and if you choose the right thing to do at the moment then you`ll notice how you thrive soon after the moment of pressure has passed.

For example, there are many people out there who do not have a partner and although being single gives great independence it can also bring feelings of being lonely. They may be single in the first place because they have pulled themselves back from being in the incorrect relationships before that.

Yet still, loneliness hits and it pushes them into the need to connect with another person.

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Before that and this pang of loneliness hit, they survived content alone but then suddenly the first person they meet seems to be a better choice of the company than spending all of that time by themselves.

Yet suddenly a moment of clarifying comes along and they question should they commit to that new person. And amongst all the thoughts that are pushing them to commit to this new person, is that pre-coded voice that has been calmly orchestrated by them to guide them in times of such pressure.

Because if you`ve told yourself you deserve a different or better partner than them then this self-talk will kick in and save you from another great relationship failure.

And the same is true when things change in your career.

As sometimes you get an email, a phone call, or you have a conversation that presents you with a big choice to make. And sure that may have been a great one to make some time ago but you’ve since learned wisdom that now calls you to question if it’s the best career move for you right now. And that’s where your voice of reason and best thought steps in and saves you with a loud and powerful tone of certainty.

And when you think you feel lazy yet know if you give into it you`ll end up eating bad foods and getting bad results from it only a few hours later when digestion plays its part. Or when you know you should be exercising but instead, avoid it for a time and then suddenly see those few words dominantly roaring at you from within.

That’s when you`ll know you are guided by that better part of who you are.

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And when your earlier voice gets prominence over all the external factors that try to intrude on your creation of self-power you`ll notice that your control is your best friend, your ideal boss, and one that sees the future you as being physically and mentally where you know you can be.

So say it loud and say it often:

“You are better than this moment of pressure!”

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