How Strangers Can Be Your Greatest Ally In Life

By being open-minded towards meeting new people you`ll give yourself a great advantage in developing yourself in life and once you take the right attitude when meeting these new people you can only gain from getting to know them

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Fear makes you Fall behind in life.

I know that’s not much of a statement but if I was to replace the word “ fear” with “fearing people” then it would be somewhat more curious.

Because often we fear people and there is no rational reason for this. Sure, we may not know them but that doesn’t mean they are not good people.

And anyway, who knows everyone one of their friends fully?

Not me, I`d have to admit.

Because you only know what they show you.

As human nature can be strange at times. By the time you think you know everything about a person then bang you suddenly learn something new.

So there are advantages to getting to know a stranger. Here they are:

1. Every friend was a stranger once

Go back to the first time you made friends outside of your household. You were probably in school or some social gathering like a parent and toddler group. There you happened to become seated next to another small child or become fascinated with some toy, games, color, or shape.

From there you saw another child who happened to be next to you. But that means you were ideally suited as friends. Yet you probably exchanged some form of pleasantries and from there friendship of sorts blossomed.

Yet a moment before you were complete strangers.

So if a small child can do this successfully, you as an adult can do it easier too.

2. A stranger cannot judge you because they don’t know you

So why be worried about meeting someone new? After all, they are not going to know the ups and downs of your past life. And it’s more than likely their interaction with you will only be a fleeting one. Rather, from the meeting, you can get to know them and see if there are any advantages to getting to know them further.

3. You can try out a new version of you on a stranger and see how they react to it

Because they don’t know you or how you would react to certain situations you can be on your best behavior and see if it’s credibly believed by the stranger. From there you can see peoples’ objective reaction to you without anyone judging you on your past.

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4. A stranger is as wary of you are as you are of them so you can use this in your favor by playing to their fears.

After all, we all fear that of what we think we do not know. So you can cushion your anxiety towards meeting this new person in knowing that they are feeling something similar towards you. So once you realize this then you can have the upper hand in the conversation.

5. By being straightforward with a stranger they`ll appreciate you more than you know

For if you think about it if you`ve ever been in a fix such as when your car breaks down then you`ll know how great it would be to have a stranger who knows how to fix a car around. And once you get it you`re happy to have a straight from the hip conversation with them, simply because your need for help outshines the fear of not knowing the person who’s helping you.

6. Now that you are older you can use logic and experience to choose better friends for yourself

And that’s why meeting lots of strangers can allow you to open your mind up and make an emotionally controlled judgment on which strangers could be a great fit into your life.

7. Strangers broaden your ability to learn about new people and places

Because everyone is from somewhere different and we have an intense curiosity to learn about things through people and their experiences so strangers allow us to do that.

8. You can lie to a stranger and they`ll think it’s the truth

Although I’m not advocating you ever lie the simple fact is how can a stranger know you`re telling the truth if they don’t know your full past?

But if you do happen to lie make sure to back it up with good actions. That way you can use it to develop yourself and push yourself to deliver a better result for that person and all other people in your life in the future.

9. You can tell a lot from a stranger from their body language, dress sense, tone of voice, and speech patterns

So once you have that information processed within the first few seconds of meeting them you have lots to talk about already. From there you can open the conversation with pleasant comments and that is always a great way to make a new friend.

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10. Strangers will want to make as much a good impression on you as you do on them

So you`re often meeting the best part of themselves when you meet them for the first time.

And as the old saying goes “first impressions last.”

So if you want the stranger to last in your world greet every new person with friendship in mind from the first moment you meet them.

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Dr. Conor Hogan Ph.D.

Dr. Conor Hogan Ph.D.

Forbes, INC. & Entrepreneur Magazines, CBS, & NBC Featured, Dr. Conor Is The World’s Leading High-Performance Neuro Socio-Psychologist & Co-Authored 4 Books

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