How The Future Of The World Needs More Sincere Connection

Having gone through a pandemic and world recession only a few years before you deserve a future filled with open and transparent leadership to bring a better society and sense of well-being for all.

Shaking hands shows a gentlemanly approach but it may become a thing of the past.

That’s if we look at what happened when Covid-19 occurred and how people were advised by health authorities to stay away from one another.

Not long into the first couple of days of the pandemic people started greeting each other with elbow touches rather than pressing the palm flesh in a full-handed grasp. But it wasn’t at that stage that the handshake became less popular. Because for years before that younger generations and subcultures were greeting others in alternative ways other than the traditional handshake.

So it’s possible that the traditional handshake will not be as acceptable in the future as human beings become more aware of the need for hand hygiene and personal space.

Because after a year of being away from crowds and staying mostly indoors it may stop a lot of people from coming closer to handshaking in the future. Because although they’ll still want to be around people it’s possible to understand that subconsciously at least they’ll be content to stay a short distance away and gesture in another way instead.

But handshaking is not the only thing that may decrease in the future.

Reports before the pandemic were that 95% of the wealth of this world was owned by only 5% of the population. The great world economic collapse of 2008 was being paid for by many taxpayers around the planet while life for the majority was about forging ahead and working simply to solve the mistakes of banks and other financial institutions. So it begs the question if certain banking regulations and lending will be the same in the future given that some of them meant millions of people were sold into major personal debt?

I can recall in Ireland where banks gave out 100% mortgages to people who in reality couldn’t afford the payback of these loans and when the recession hit their stress levels and financial credit was shot.

Questions need to be asked if banks and financial institutions can be allowed to lend in this way if there is no sustainable proof that people can pay back their loans.

What is the point of killing the good credit history of many people and their belief in taking loans if it’s going to blow up in their face?

It doesn’t seem right and just.

Nor does it make financial sense.

Surely it would be more beneficial to give people better directions and clearer guidelines rather than selling them false promises that will lead them into mountains of debt over time.

Then again it’s not only the banks and financial institutions that have been at the best lacking direction in the past. Governments too have to be responsible for allowing these institutions to wield their power unfairly.

And many governments in the so-called first world are democratic.

Having a democratic society means that everyone has a fair chance of voting for the person or party that puts themselves up for election. Yet the problem has been that those elected politicians have not been so honest in their promises to do what they said they`d do when elected. Rather, many have lied and said they’d do certain things for their electorate when they were campaigning for support and votes than did not act that out when they got the power to do it.

And that’s a truly immoral thing.

If people live in a democratic society why are people who get elected to governmental positions not legally pressurized to guarantee they`ll deliver on what they advertised to do?

Surely, it would attract better potential politicians if legally they could not advertise to help people before being elected unless they delivered on this promise when they got elected?

After all, if an ordinary person applied for a job and lied on their resume they simply wouldn’t be retained in the job or even get the position at all.

So why should a whole population of people be led by lies in the future?

They shouldn’t.

It’s that simple.

So how we greet people in the future needs to be consciously accepted by the majority of people. As they need to know that although a new person may avoid touching them they are genuine in their approach. It’s the same for those that promise others human needs of money, homes, and basic human rights that they should lead with honesty and integrity.

Because without these fundamental cornerstones the majority feel unsupported. And mental health issues continue.

As not everyone wants to be rich or to have all the connections that well-known people have. But they do deserve basic human respect and their voice being heard. And even if they don’t choose to press their flesh with people they ought to know when a leading figure shakes hands it’ll signify a sincere promise of how humankind ought to be closely connected.

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