How To Become A High Performer?

Many people want to be a high performer but they don't put in the work that's required even though they think they do

People think that being a high performer is stylish but it’s not.

It’s a slog.

True high performers have failed more than anyone else.

But it’s what they do with their failures that make the difference.

Many people have an idea to start a business and then they research it a bit and think that it’s viable. They think that their ideas will definitely work. After all, they’ve researched.

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But then their idea is just that.

It never goes any further. Because most people who have an idea take out their phones some evening and start texting keywords into a search engine to see the likelihood of their ideas being required in the market. And when it turns out what they have is needed they get excited.

But from there the excitement quickly turns into dismay.

They realize that there are costs associated with developing the idea. They see this as a stumbling block. After all most of them are working in a standard 9–5 job and if they were to invest that amount of money they’d have none left.

Then what if their idea doesn’t work?

They doubt themselves.

And before long they put the idea on the back burner and they get on with life. And life serves them up good and bad fortunes and they roll with the punches. Then as time goes by they find themselves graduated to the next stage of life and their business idea is no longer viable because someone else out there has thought about the same thing, or something better is on the marketplace.

Either way, they missed the opportunity.

The same happens in sport.

A young player feels they have some talent. They dedicate their time to improving. Soon they start gaining benefits on their sport and they are playing pretty well. They’re getting bigger and stronger day by day and they think that their growing strengths are going to benefit them as they go deeper into their sport.

Then they reach a certain age when all their peers go off to college and they do that too.

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They follow like sheep and do what others have done. And there may be opportunities in that but those opportunities may also stop their progress in developing at their sport too. Before they know it they are offered a good job and they take it because they fear not being given as good an opportunity in the future.

Then as they are creatures of habit they continue in the job and put all their time and effort into it.

Meanwhile, their sport moves on and they’ve taken the foot off the gas inputting the same time and effort into it like they once did and they don’t get the same success from their sport. And then someone younger, bigger, and faster comes along who dedicates their life to it and they drift to becoming a memory of once being a good player.

Good musicians also suffer the same fate in slightly different ways.

Years ago to become a great musician or band you had to firstly have talent. Then you needed to have instruments and finally, you needed to work hard and practice a lot. Once all that was done you needed to have some sort of business know-how to get your music heard by a recording studio.

Once you cut a track in a recording studio you then had a great opportunity to get on radio.

And once you got on the radio you were made.

But then it all changed.

The internet came along. And so did the ability for many people to broadcast online for free. The competition got a bigger listenership. Having a single record in a shop now became challenging to sell as music became free online.

You now needed to learn all about the internet and how to get your music noticed online.

Then it became more visual and you needed to look good too. You needed to learn editing, video production, self-promotion, marketing, and business and you needed to learn it fast.

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And most good musicians didn’t and they never got their music heard.

It’s the same for millions and millions of people who have talent. Having talent and putting in hard for a short time is not good enough. No matter how much you achieve you can’t rest on your laurels.

You have to keep going.

High performers realize that performance is not only about talent and hard work it’s about sustaining that over a longer period of time than all of the competition. And then when you sustain that level of performance you still may not get rewarded.

But high performers will just keep ongoing.

Their personal application to having the highest level of performance is what means the most to them. They know in their heart and soul when they are not up to the highest level and they constantly seek out ways of improving.

And giving up is not an option.

Because they keep on going no matter what the setback.

And if you do that you’ll be the only one to finish the race.

If you are it doesn’t matter how hard the slog was because you’ll be the only one to collect the prize at the end.

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