How To Control Your Mind

When you`re alone it can be tough to control your thoughts, but once you know how your brain works you can focus your thoughts on the ones that will truly help you in life

We think we can stop ourselves thinking badly but it’s impossible.

Because it’s human nature to think negatively.

We think negatively about our friends and family, about our jobs or schoolwork, and about how money affects us over the short and long term.

Rarely, these negative thoughts don’t bounce into our heads.

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As we’re surrounded by so many like-minded people who think similarly it can be very difficult to break the cycle of thinking in this way. Then there’s the television and media. With so many channels these days and not only daily newspapers, but internet websites, pop-ups on our phone, and social media the pressure to think negatively or question our minds are endless.

Then there are multiple radio shows coming in at a variety of frequencies.

Don’t get me wrong there was always radio since we were born. And even since most of our parents were born. But it’s the information being shared on the radio stations now that can affect the way we think.

But that doesn’t mean that we can’t choose to control our thoughts.

Although all of those media outlets have such a powerful message we can redirect the negatives thoughts we have and instead bring the positive ones to the fore in our mind. Because although we have negative thoughts we also have middle-of-the-road ones, positive, and super positive ones also.

Those on the positive scale come deep down from our imagination and they want to come out and play.

They beg to be allowed to dance a little longer in our minds. Those thoughts want us to talk about them to our family and friends. Although we may have an internal struggle to mention those thoughts out loud or even to give them some quality time in our mind to speculate and ruminate, they are there at some level of our existence.

Because although you`ve watched some television in the past, read many newspapers, checked out oodles of website, social media, and heard the radio at least in passing there has been positive and uplifting things being said there too.

But often we don’t hear it. And many times it’s not brought to the fore.

Yet if you think about it there is the internet and then there is the dark web.

The internet gives us an information super high way of useful, educational, and entertaining content. Sure much of it is not very useful or informative to all of us because we don’t all need to know about topics that don’t concern us on a regular day but if we need to search through it the information is there. And of course, we avoid the dark web no matter what because although we know it’s there we realize it’s not going to serve us if we tap into it often or at all.

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It’s the same way for our minds though.

Like the internet which has every type of topic and is rich with positive and negative information, our minds are a well of information too.

And similar to how when we open up our devices and go to a search page things will pop up on our screen trying to inform us of what to buy and what to give our attention to.

Even though when we log online things pop up on our screens it doesn’t mean we have to click into them and we certainly don’t have to purchase everything from those pop-ups that annoy us as we go about our daily surfing.

It’s the same with our thoughts.

Our thoughts must be controlled in the way we control our internet usage.

There are nearly 2 billion websites on the internet in comparison to over 80 billion neurons in our brains.

But like the billions of websites, we can search online all day and arrive at being unproductive at night time. Again, it’s the same with our thoughts.

If we allow all our billions of neurons to form connections in our brains there is the potential for many negative and positive thoughts. And there is the possibility of a lot of not very useful thoughts in between.

By allowing all of those websites to inform all our decisions then we will not progress or be at our most productive in life.

In the same way, our thought process must be selective of the thoughts it allows to hibernate in our minds so that we can be most productive with the most dominant thoughts that will guide us to a more productive lifestyle in the future.

Because you are a result of the attention you give to your thoughts.

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Whatever you pay attention most to you will become.

Does it take time?

Sure it does.

Does it take effort?

You bet it.

But you are the outcome of what you think about and put into action most frequently.

So turn off the screens, fold up the newspapers, and take the batteries from the old radio.

And focus on what you truly want out of life and keep controlling those thoughts to make it happen.

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