How To Truly Know Yourself And Prosper In Your Future

Too many people go through life by going through the motions of everyday living yet fail to fulfill their potential but all of that can change with a single thought that will spur you into action

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The camera is like a gun.

Get in front of either in the wrong location and your life is as good as over.

Of course, location isn’t as important if you`ve got a gun shoved in your face but it is if it’s blocking your exit to quickly run away to safety.

However, with a camera the location you`re in dictates your viewers’ perceptions. For example, if a picture is taken of you by a camera outside a courthouse many that see that image in the future may think you`re a guilty person when you may have been there supporting a friend in their time of innocence for a misdemeanor. And that’s also why you can often see skilled photojournalists and camera people carrying cameras that resemble black rifles hanging from their shoulder straps when the law is about to judge someone.

So it’s worth noting that all of the images that have been taken professionally have been done so in a specific context.

Yet our minds often perceive images in a different way and this is particularly true when we see people we don’t intimately understand in front of a background that is misleading. And as there are over seven billion people in the world who all have had different individual histories and experiences it shows you many misperceived angles that can be taken from their single view of you in the image that is put in front of them. Given then that the internet has spread all around the world and across all seven continents, a single image that goes viral can redirect a person’s life positively or negatively within an instant.

And if you`re caught in a shot and are not prepared for the attention that image may bring then your mind will be tested like never before.

Because although humans love to be noticed most still don’t feel comfortable when the whole world sees them being misrepresented from a single shot. However, once they get over the initial shock of an image showing their face reaching across the globe they can rest assured that their behavior will properly add to the correct context of how the image had been intended to be snapped in the first place.

As it’s your past behavior that most people that recognize you will swear are your truest self.

Even if you don’t know everything about yourself the collection of everyone you`ve ever met in your life will communally understand the person you have been and be able to predict what your future potential behavior will be. This would be especially so if they had access to a datasheet of everyone from your past and their combined opinion of you.

So the best way to take advantage of this is to first know that you have time ahead of you to shape your future self and then to understand that the dominant thoughts you have right now dictate what that future self will be like.

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Now that may seem exciting to read at first but upon reflection, it may also pressurize you into feeling as if you`re not able to shape the better person that you can become.

But the truth is you can.

Is it easy?

Not always.

Is it worth it?

For sure.

So how can you begin?

To do this you need to promote a feeling within yourself right now about how the excitement is overcoming the pressure that you may be feeling. And as you attempt this know that it’s easier said than done because most people don’t change or develop significantly throughout their lifetime. Instead, they may look back and vaguely remember a time when they saw the chink in their armor that they knew they could improve.

But all this will become is a distant memory of self-awareness and nothing else.

Yet the person who decides that what they now understand about themselves is something they must change will be at their deepest level of introspection and acceptance than ever before. From there they`ll know they are right to go forward simply because they`ll take what they think at that time is positive action to reach their desired outcome. And even if they don’t get where they want to be they`ll have grown tremendously than if they had ignored the warning sign to themselves at that time.

Because without positive action regrets grow like weeds.

From there other areas of life will slowly but surely come tumbling down and left to chance to survive as they are. And that’s when you’re tested beyond your limits and what feels like never before. That’s when your mental performance level interchanges with your mental health and you either get strained by time, money, people, or energy.

So it’s important to heed your self-awareness when it comes to knocking at your door.

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As you will grow older and as you do you must develop a way to counteract that of what is fading. Otherwise, there is no guarantee you`ll be ready for any challenge that life will throw at you.

So the question you must ask yourself is if a gun was put to your head right now what image do you want the world to remember you by?



Forbes, INC. & Entrepreneur Magazines, CBS, & NBC Featured, Dr. Conor Is The World’s Leading High-Performance Neuro Socio-Psychologist & Co-Authored 4 Books

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Dr. Conor Hogan Ph.D.

Forbes, INC. & Entrepreneur Magazines, CBS, & NBC Featured, Dr. Conor Is The World’s Leading High-Performance Neuro Socio-Psychologist & Co-Authored 4 Books