How To Use The World’s Energy For Your Success

When you accept that we are all energy you`ll then realize that how you use your daily thoughts will dictate the future of your life’s success

The thoughts in our head are but echoes of the world.

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Because we live in a world that vibrates.

Everything interacts with energy at some stage or another and so there is a pulsation throughout the world.

If we want to drink we will reach for a cup. The cup is but a dead item but when hot fluid is poured into it energy visits its insides. Then when grabbing it we bring it on a journey to our mouth which glides it through the air. With that, there is a field of movement created for the humble cup.

Similarly, a car doesn’t move until the gas is put in it and a driver puts their foot on the pedal.

These are examples of man-made products that without the will of a human they cannot do much. Yet when a person decides to give them their energy they can be very productive towards our intentions.

Then there is the natural world.

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The trees are calm until the wind blows. But when it does it rarely stops. That creates a field of energy on its own which can be harnessed to help many others too.

The water rarely stays stagnant. In fact, only when it’s in a bottle on the store shelf will it be truly settled. Because in the ocean water moves. And when it does it allows for an environment of all the lives underneath to glide with it.

There are other examples as well.

But where many people are most concerned is the energy in between their ears. Because even though they don’t understand it they know something is going on there that is continuing to make them wonder.

Every time there is an advertisement on television about how to be successful they wonder if they could be that person. Every time they notice a person online who achieves they momentarily question if that could be them. And when a year ends they look back on what could have been.

And most of the time they think that if only things had fallen into place better for them then they would have had a shot at success.

· But that is the first place where there is a problem.

Because success in anything be it with money, work, relationships, or any other life area begins and ends with you.

  • Then you have to realize that as you are the main problem then you have to be open to change and development.

And when you are you`ll notice that you are a creature of habit. And so you`ve ended up where you are right now mainly because of your reactions to the external forces that have been put in your way in the past.

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  • From there the choice of thoughts that you act on will have to be vetted.

Because it’s from the thoughts that pop up in your head that you must take control of. As there are over 6,000 thoughts hanging around your head on a daily basis you need to be careful with the ones you choose and this comes from becoming aware of which ones are useful to you and which ones are not.

And when you do you are learning new awareness.

  • This period of thought picking may take time but it’s time well spent to build yourself a better mentality for future success.

Because this is how neuroplasticity is at work. And although you are analyzing your thoughts at this juncture you are still processing your thinking from the well of thoughts that exist. From there you need to rationalize which ones will serve you and which ones will not.

Once you have chosen the thoughts that are best for you to have you then start to speed up the process.

  • From there every time you have a choice to make you`ll begin to refine your thoughts, sort through them, and choose the one that will enable you to make the best decision in a given moment.

And in the meantime, you`re creating new neurons that will present to you with better outcomes in the future. And when you revisit that thought pattern each time and continue to make the correct choice of thoughts to observe your process of thinking will become more assured and quicker as well.

But then there will be challenges.

Because once you start making better decisions your outside world will begin to reshape itself to surround you with a better life. Yet when that changes there will be irregularities that you will be faced with too.

These irregularities will come in the form of deeper conversations, annual occasions, and pressures that come from unseen happenings from this thing we call life.

  • So when the pressure is on that’s when you need to double down on the careful selection of the best thoughts you choose to guide you along your way to success.

Because once you do that you’ll make greater ripples in your present life. And those ripples create a storm of success that will best serve you because you will have done the work on yourself and focused on what is the best map to where you want to go.

From there the vibration you`ve created will find you as the one on the television or internet that is creating a stir of emotive questions in many other viewers who wonder if they could do that too.

And when you get there know that the vibration you create will pass through many others as they ponder about their futures and who they can truly be.

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