I’ve Heard “I`m Going to Kill Myself” Too Many Times!

Although there are growing incidences of mental health issues in the western world many of the issues can be solved with simple changes to your lifestyle and an acceptance of the power of your thinking

Dr. Conor Hogan Ph.D.
4 min readNov 24, 2021
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When I was growing up I was only exposed to a limited amount of pain.

Thankfully, all of the adults around me never put me in harm’s way. But that’s not to say I didn’t seek out harmful situations. Because I did.

After all, I was a curious child.

But there’s a limit to how much self-harm we can all take. And there is no point in seeking it out once you come to the realization that is not good for you. Yet many people still do this day after day.

And it leads to more and more people becoming more anxious and depressed as a result.

So that’s why I`ve heard more than my share of adults telling me they want to do away with themselves. Unfortunately, though too, it’s not only adults that have said that to me. There have been young people and children too.

It all comes with the professional territory of dealing with people’s brains and minds.

Thankfully for me, I`m able to emotionally withdraw from it all and the intrigue of the human psyche keeps me interested in finding out the reasons why a growing number of people in this world of ours are feeling this way.

Yet in many instances, the answers are pretty clear.

Simple things like:

  • Eating too much packaged food,
  • Not exercising enough,
  • Spending too much time at a screen,
  • Becoming disconnected from people,
  • Taking too many drugs and drinking too much alcohol,
  • Avoiding attempting to grow and develop,


  • Having an unhealthy relationship with money.

I could go on.

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Yet if you were to take each one of these and tackle them one by one you can overcome your issues rather than having to hang on to a label. That will never allow you to reach your greatest achievement- that being the maximization of your brain, your mind, and your life as a whole.

Because if you don’t you’ll eventually regret it.

And that’s when another layer of dismay is put on top of all those other feelings that are dragging you back already.

Now I know you may feel as if listing off all the issues that you have and where they came from will not only take too much time but milk all of your remaining yet depleted energy. I get that.

But if you think of tackling all of these areas that are dragging you back in another light you may find that you`ll not only regain more time on the flip side of your work but you`ll push yourself on to areas of improvement that you`ve never dreamt of attaining before.

Because many people can achieve the dream you have for yourself.

For I`m sorry to say for most people their dreams are not special dreams. Yet what makes them special is that they are so special to you.

So if you let go of the intensity of energy that you surround those unfilled dreams with then you`ll be surprised at how they can unfold in front of you. Don’t get me wrong, they will take time but once you can begin to see a clear path ahead it’s only a matter of walking it every day until you get there.

And once you clear that path you can then fill it in with bright and wonderful flowers that will excite you to get up each day and move onwards.

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Not actual flowers of course, but more positive colors in your mind’s eye.

Because it’s you that directs you forward in life. It’s not the foods, the screen, the exercise, the people, the substance, the avoidance, and the money.

Rather it’s you who controls your next thought.

And all you have to do is make it one in the right direction. Instead of putting yourself under huge stress to have a cure for all of the things that are dragging you down try to take one step closer to where you want to be. Then after that take another step.

Don’t bother looking back.

Instead, step it out until you eventually feel you`re in a rhythm that you enjoy. Then before you know it you`ll be walking by people who you like to see on the path that you’re on. And they`ll be happy to see you on that path too.

Will it be tiring?

For sure.

Will there be twists and turns?


And will you be given different cross paths here and there?


But once you adopt that rhythm you`ll notice how you don’t need to be bogged down in being anxious while making a choice. By then you`ll have a whole new level of trust in your decision-making.

And when you make new decisions you won’t be eating badly, avoiding exercise, hiding behind a screen, away from the right people to be around, taking the wrong things in your diet, or worrying about money.

You`ll end up being the person you knew you could be before the haze of darkness first descended upon you in the first place.

And that’s when your light will get brighter for all to see.

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