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3 min readMay 9, 2022


My Suicidal E-Mail

WARNING: If you’ve been affected by suicide in the past you may not want to read this!

This Is A E-mail I Received This Monday Morning.

I spoke to this man very briefly once before. He told me he had his troubles. He felt I could help him and we organized another time to chat which was only a couple of days later. I told him to hang on until then because I`d tell him how I could plan on helping him and how best I could advise him for any further help required. He was very thankful and agreed to chat at the arranged time.

But when that time came, he never answered the call and then this morning I got this e-mail.

As you can read he suffered a lot in his young life and later on he covered all of this up by abusing alcohol and drugs. But there is another way.

And know that in learning about another way you can begin it by reaching out, connecting, and sharing.

Since the e-mail this morning I’ve tried to contact him several times but so I`m afraid there is no answer. I`ll continue to try if only to bring some peace to his family and friends. Because there are people who are affected close to a person who decides on this course of action you and these people will need huge support in their life because of these actions. The ripple effect of a person’s depressive actions makes those closest to them feel unwell, tragically sad, and without answers to many questions, they have about themselves too.

We are all in this life together. I don’t have all the answers but what I do have is you and my zest for life that is here to serve and help. But I can only do that if we all do this and if we all communicate our true feelings be they good or bad about ourselves so that we can find value in each other at various points of our life. Why? because we are all here for a reason and although we may not know it it’s there for us all to discover and that is this thing called “life”.

Photo by Svyatoslav Romanov on Unsplash

So live it to your utmost and to your greatest ability and then let time erase you as it will. And when that happens know you’ve done your best for yourself and those touched by you throughout your journey.

Those are my few thoughts on this Monday as I react to this e-mail. And this is why I am backing Ian Hill who has struggled with his own demons in the past but I know he will leave no rock unturned to become the oldest man to play Division 1 College Football this Summer. As a fellow middle-aged man, I admire that drive and zest for life and that mature ambition and energy because that’s what I call leadership.

Photo by John Torcasio on Unsplash

I know when Ian Hill and all those who are backing Ian’s quest see this post they will be momentarily disheartened but they will be twice as committed to achieving the goal to bring awareness to tragedies like this.

Be well my friends and if you feel like you are not remember to connect and share for this moment.



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