Negative Thinking’s Journey To Self Destruction

How we organize and choose to pay attention to our thoughts have far-reaching realities of how we end up so it’s important to push your power behind the most positive ones early on

Dr. Conor Hogan Ph.D.
4 min readJul 2, 2021

Your thoughts make you who you are.

And you can stop the negative ones and instead choose the positive ones. All you have to do is get into the most suitable brain wave and from there your thoughts can achieve this.

Often people see thinking as a way of growing. Once they realize they can create thoughts they start to figure out they can perhaps pivot in their life and find a course of action that will elevate them from their present scenario to a better one.

And although this is possible it will take time.

Because you can’t just switch from thinking in one way and then expect a more positive thought to bring you to where you want to go immediately. Learning your thoughts can guide you can’t just flick a switch and expect to allow your long-lost dreams to take over and accelerate you down the path to success straight away.

As it takes time to change.

Thoughts though are the trigger for change.

They allow you to change roads and get on the right track. And that in itself is powerful because if you`ve been going on the wrong road you`ll never see the correct horizon that you first thought would guide you to greatness.

As once you have a new thought you need to believe it.

And once you do that you can open up your creative brain. From there you must discover how far you can go with that initial thought. More so, you must decide to think how more advanced you`d like that initial thought to be.

From there you`ll start to feel the thought within your body.

Because that’s how a new thought must multiply its worth. Being entrenched within your body means you`re beginning to feel what it would be like to make that thought a reality in your life. As reality is the end destination to your proactively triggered thoughts in the first place.

And that’s when you realize you must take action.

Otherwise, thoughts are only fleeting moments that carry no intention. They won’t do anything for you unless you feel them up and carry them with you to guide you to where you`d like to be in the future. That’s when your power can ignite greater self-growth.

But thoughts can go in the other direction too.

If we believe all of what we think then we can also create an action that’s pushing us to go on a more destructive pathway instead.

That’s how two people with a similar genetic background who have been brought up, in the same way, can both go in different directions in life. And unfortunately, this happens too often for too many people. They chose the wrong thought to guide them.

They do not believe their hopeful thoughts can catch fire and bring them to a better place.

As for feeling the more proactive thoughts, it doesn’t happen. They never get that far. Instead, they`ll run down the path of action with a negative thought and pull others down along with them.

This is what happens when people become psychotic.

People who are thinking in this way can form delusions. They begin to believe what they think is true when in reality it is not. They can create a chip on their shoulder about certain individuals or organizations that they think are against them when this is not the case to most other well-thinking people.

By experiencing hallucinations those with psychosis can also ignite power into their mind that will push them down a negative path in life.

Hallucinations are when a person can see things that simply don’t exist.

Through a person’s sight, they can create a thought pattern that thinks they see shapes, people, or certain colors. By hearing certain sounds they can guide their brain to hears things being said when they`ve never been said at all. There are even people who think they feel they are being touched when this simply isn’t the case at all.

And they may smell scents that don’t exist either. Or they may taste certain flavors when they aren’t even eating or drinking.

So what about those brain waves again?

Those that experience psychotic episodes have increased delta and decreased alpha waves in their brain. This means they have a reduced ability to attend to relevant information. Delta waves are the slowest recorded brain waves in human beings and are often found in those that have suffered brain injuries, cannot think, or have severe attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or an ability to think.

A person’s brain can produce alpha waves when they are awake yet in a relaxed manner. A typical example is when they are about to go to sleep or as they just wake up. This can also be experienced when daydreaming or during meditative practice.

So if you want to start thinking more proactively and avoid going down the route of negative self-thought you need to address how you relax and from there you can observe a thought that will guide you down the path to greatness.

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