What Greenroom and Clubhouse Taught Me About Life

Human beings love to run to the newest thing out there as we’re all curious to see how different it is and if it can help us along our way

Curiosity didn’t kill the cat but it did make them stressed.

And it was the stress that eventually resulted in its death.

What cat am I talking about?

Well, it’s not the ferial ones I see every day outside my door clambering together for my attention so they can be fed. Although I was more than a bit surprised when they first arrived in my neighborhood it was good to see them around considering their presence keeps rats away. And cute little cats are a lot more favorable to see outside than a bunch of rats.

But what have cats and rats got to do with learning in life?

The reality is the attractiveness of a cat is a better thing to think about than having to mull over a rat. In the same way that thinking about things that pleasure us are a lot more attractive than dwelling on negative thoughts. That’s why I feel better when I see cats than rats around me.

Although I`m not as afraid of rats as most people I`d prefer if they weren’t in my locality or my head.

For sure though I don’t want them in my mind. Because I try to keep my mind clear of anything that annoys me or that I find is negative too.

And that’s how I keep my stress levels low.

Yet today I witnessed how many other people seek out rats and welcome them into their minds with open arms.

It was fascinating to see groups of people clambering to the same spot because they thought they’d be the ones to win the race. One after another they all followed each to a place that was shiny and new because they were curious.

Just like the curiosity of the cat.

But I have a feeling that only a few will be happy in their mind over the long term. Sure, they may earn lots of money for their rushing about but the habit of running here and there every time there’s something new will eventually catch up with you in their mind and lead you to severe stress.

Because today I witnessed the first rush of people to the Greenroom audio app by Spotify.

After being a Club House user for a few months now I was well used to using an audio app and had experienced many glitches as technicians tried to improve things behind the scenes on Club House before opening out to the general public. Yet when I went to Greenroom the glitches were incredibly bad.

I couldn’t see my profile, didn’t have a microphone even though I was on stage, and whoever spoke was not visible to me either.

And that’s only some of the glitches that were there.

But that’s not the main thing I learned today. What was much more obvious to me was how so many of the Club House users saw the shiny new platform and jumped over to experience it all and see if they could benefit from its existence. And I was one of them.

Am I judging these people?

Absolutely Not.

After all, if I did judge them I`d be judging myself. And we are doing at the beginning of this new app is jumping on what we perceive could be an opportunity to grow in some way over another. Rather than judging anyone, I admire them for their innovative thinking.

But it was an incredible experience for me to be among so many people who must have experienced what I did as well. Because as I logged in to Clubhouse one minute and then into Greenroom the next I heard two audios colliding together coming through my phone’s speakers. Both audios from two different apps got morphed into one sound.

And it was annoying!

If I`m being honest I wasn’t compelled to listen to either of the rooms I was in but when both sounds clashed together my mind became full of clattering sounds that were irritating my thoughts. It became so annoying that I had to leave my phone down and exit the room for some peace and quiet.

Although I was delighted that many of the good people I knew from Club House were doing what I decided to do and attend both Club House and Greenroom rooms at the same time I knew that way of doing things couldn’t last for them or for me over time and still be considered healthy. Because listening to both rooms at the same time would eventually turn cats into rats in our listening mind.

As our brains can only do one thing at a time.

If you try to listen to two audios at once you can’t do it. Sure you can hear it but you can’t process it and expect your brain to pick up everything that’s being said from both audios at the same time. And to continue to try doing it over time will create stress.

And that stress is the rat in your mind.

Even if you try to relax and leave your phone down to go for a walk there’ll be noise in your mind that’s been there for so long it will wear you down. Because if you continue to try to listen to two things at once all it will do is make you overly stressed in the longer term.

And that’s how the curiosity of the cat will eventually stress you to death.

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