Why All 2020 Champions Are Among Professional Sports’ Best Ever

Many supporters of sport doubt if 2020 produced legitimate competition winners, yet they have outshone many champions before them

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The seeds of competition:

To understand what a winner is we first need to understand what competition is.

  • The Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA finals in 2020. Most Valuable Player (MVP) Le Bron James got a triple-double in the 6th game against Miami Heat despite his overall finals record having been 3–6 making 2020 a special comeback win against the Miami Heat. The Los Angeles Dodger eventually won the World Series in 2020 after also hosting the biggest Covid-19 testing site in the US and having been awarded the ESPN Humanitarian Team of the Year award for their work for disadvantaged African American youth and girls.
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2020 American Football facts:

Okay, Kansas City didn’t go into its first lockdown until later on in March ’20.

2020 Basketball Facts:

After the first reported US death as a result of the Covid-19 virus was recorded on March 3rd, 2020 the National Basketball League (NBA) suspended its season indefinitely on March 11th. At this stage, the first cases of the virus had already been detected in Rudy Gobert who was the Utah Jazz center.

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2020 Baseball Facts:

A day later on March 12th Major League Baseball (MLB) canceled its spring training games and delayed the season by two weeks. Four days after that the start of the MLB was postponed until at least the middle of May.

Why all the winners of competitions in 2020 are legitimate winners:

2020 was a very difficult year for all humans on planet earth.

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The competition to save the world in 2020:

At the same time that sporting teams were battling it out to be considered the best in their respective competition; other organizations were competing with one another to be the first and most effective vaccinations to Covid-19.

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