Why Being Interested In Someone Else Builds A High Performance Team

Everyone wants to get ahead and many step on the shoulders of others to get there but to sustain high performance teams people need to truly get to know one another as well

A high-performance team is people who work together to meet the highest standard within their industry.

Not only that but they sustain it as often as possible.

And one of the main ingredients to becoming a high-performance team is understanding what is a good team member.

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Often the word ‘team’ is referred to as:

TEAM= Together Everyone Achieves More

And this sounds like an easy acronym to remember but it’s true.

Because there needs to be a togetherness between a group of people if they want to try to achieve something better than their competition. And this togetherness needs to be respectful of everyone in the team. Because everyone in a team is not the same.

So the strength of a team is only as strong as the weakest members’ commitment to all other members of the team.

Because you need to commit to having respect for others on the team. And you need to show it always too.

But respect is not the only thing you need.

In reality, you need to get truly interested in other team members.

Although respect is pivotal to the success of a team not everyone has it in abundance and so they need to work on building it.

One of the ways of building respect is getting to know more about a person’s past.

Ask yourself, do you know where all your team members are from? And do you take a genuine interest in where these areas are on the map?

Because if you do you can always build up a rapport with someone depending on where they come from. In more recent years people often avoid asking about others’ pasts because they are afraid to scratch the surface and they try to be overly politically correct. And often there is anxiety around truly getting to know someone’s origins.

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And although the awareness of racism and the commitment to stamp it out is a pivotal one for humanity and all team building many people are afraid to get to know where people’s families originate from or use improper language of asking them because they fear being tagged as someone who is racist towards another person.

But if someone is genuinely curious and uses the proper language to inquire as to another’s family origin this can be complementary to them.

After all how can you get to know someone if you don’t show interest?

So long as a person knows that you are being genuine in asking about their family’s origins or where they are from it is okay to ask.

And after you ask and get the information you need to use it appropriately.

Think about it for a second.

If you were dating someone and once you found out their origins you’d be more intrigued to find out more. You may even want to visit their place after looking it up on a map. Brief research will lead you to the tourist attractions and all the advantages of living in that location.

It’s the same for getting to know a work colleague.

You need to show that deeper interest if you want to build that bridge or respect for where they are from. Equally, though you need to understand if that person is not too hung up on speaking about the area they come from because it’s possible they may have bad memories aligned with that place. But in getting to know them in that way you’ll begin to figure out their opinions and how they feel on certain topics of interest.

And at that stage, you’ll begin to figure out parts of their character.

Because they may react in a very serious manner to your initial inquires, or they may be very quiet about it, or they may be very humorous in their reply to you. Whatever the way they react this may also be the way they are.

And that’s how you can build further rapport with them.

That’s how one question if asked properly can open up a wealth of opportunities to get to know another person and it will lead you to understand your intention to get to know another team member too. And if you ask another team member be open to sharing your answer to the same question yourself. Because that is only fair to them too.

That’s how boundaries are broken down and relationships are opened up.

That’s how trust begins.

And with respect, commitment, and trust people can begin to work together knowing that others on their team will get their back and support them. That eases the feelings of being stressed when you know that someone is there for you. When you feel that you’re more willing to perform at a higher level.

Once you do your input is appreciated by other team members because your performance affects theirs too.

You will motivate them to work harder and do more for the team. And if only one other person works harder the team will be stronger as a result. After a while the results will show that teamwork is beneficial to all and more people in the team will be attracted to what the high performers do and they will try to replicate it.

And that’s when it’s a win win situation for all team members.

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So if you want to have a high-performance team know that it starts with a question that shows sincere interest in one other person.

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Dr. Conor Hogan Ph.D.

Dr. Conor Hogan Ph.D.

Forbes, INC. & Entrepreneur Magazines, CBS, & NBC Featured, Dr. Conor Is The World’s Leading High-Performance Neuro Socio-Psychologist & Co-Authored 4 Books

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