Why Mediate?

Millions of people meditate but billions of others are still in ignorance as to its incredible neurological benefits that's why the world needs to slow down and be in the moment with it all

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They found that the older the person the greater the cortical thickness.

Human beings in relation to other animals have a larger brain cortex relative to their body size with a neocortext of about 22.8 billion neurons in a surface area of 2,320 cm2 on average.

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The frontal areas of the brain as well as the parietal lobes act as organizers for the visualization process.

Whereas the top of the human head house the parietal lobes which are the hub for human touch, pain, and pressure.

The point is that if you visualize something in the future you are preparing yourself to be more mentally prepared for it when the opportunity for it to occur comes about.

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Meditation won’t stop there being an external problem in life like finances and relationships but it will allow you to calmly analyze things objectively and create solutions to these challenges.

That’s when you begin to see opportunities more so than issues when the outside world notices nothing but problems.

‘Why have I not meditated before now?’



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