Why Schools Don’t Teach Us To Think Big!

Although education is a powerful thing that we all need schools spend too much time pandering to academic examinations and not enough time concentrating on our creative brains instead

Thinking big is half of your brainpower.

It taps into the creative part of your brain.

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Unfortunately, a lot of schooling systems be it in America, or Europe has us all thinking in one way over another. And that way allows our brains to be slaves to analysis and testing. We then start thinking critically about this and that.

And the longer people stay in school the more expert they become at analyzing situations.

That’s great if you`re trying to get through tests and examinations but after doing most of these courses of education you`ll only fit into certain systems. For example, if you go to university for 4 years and qualify to get a degree you then have to spend another couple of years to qualify to be a teacher. And then you can get a good job where you can help people.

But you`ll be working within a system that only allows you to teach a classroom full of people and you`ll only get paid according to the system of payment that has allocated enough money to those students.

Yet if you were taught to think bigger, be more independent and you could create a system and then thousands of students who pay you more for your education.

Don’t get me wrong teaching is a fantastic profession and good students learn what they are asked to learn within the system that is traditionally put in place by many governments. But by thinking bigger you are accessing a deeper and a usually unused part of your brain that many avoiding using very often.

Because thinking comes from your brain.

Can we control our thoughts?

Yes, we can.

Can you start thinking big straight away?


But, it comes one step at a time.

If you think about wanting to be a multi-millionaire then that’s great. You can imagine you are. But, if you want to do it, you got to change your actions and your day-to-day thoughts to get there.

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By thinking big you`re using the full functionality of your brain. If you avoid thinking big you’re not using your brain as it is designed to be used as it requires to be grown like a muscle.

And once you grow it you can then start saying:

“Well, how do I get to where I now think I want to go?”

And you notice and focus on what’s needed to get there. So yes you can think big but you need to then let your way of doing things follow your thinking.

So then the question becomes:

“How can I do things that test me as I now feel I can do bigger things in life?”

And there are many ways of doing this.

Here are five of them:

1.Put yourself into big places like stadiums and imagine you were playing in front of the crowd.

Because if you`re there to watch sports or music being played the for sure you`re going to enjoy the performance. But you can also tag on the back of it all and drink in the sounds and the sights you hear and imagine that everyone is there to watch you instead.

2. Put yourself in pressurized situations where you’re never been before.

Because by doing so you’re going to shock yourself into having to react to something in a positive manner. And that shock may be exactly what you need. It can propel you to take the action of doing something positive over something negative.

3. Purchase something expensive and when you’re bought it you now need to force yourself to become good at it.

Because although there’s an old saying:

‘Put your money where your mouth is’

In this instance its:

‘Put your money where your thoughts are’

And go from there.

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4. Buy an annual gym membership and then make sure you go there every day.

In doing so you`re working your body and that will sharpen your brain. If you work out properly and get professional advice you`ll have endorphins zipping through your neurology. From that, you`ll feel better and you`ve energy and positivity to put behind your big thoughts immediately after that.

5. Pay for lessons in advance and you`re committing to learning new music.

But who is the commitment to?

Is it to the person you pay the money to or is it to yourself?

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